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“…i saw you last night in the gathering, but could not take you openly in my arms, so i put my lips next to your cheek, pretending to talk privately.”

-Rumi’s ‘the music’

What a Pitcher

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Tim Lincecum has thrown two complete games this year - an... (Michael Macor / The Chronicle)

Lincecum pitched another complete game last night against the A’s. He’s looking awesome. He is reigning NL CY Young Winner. Yeah, baby…Go Timmy!

go a little beserk

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A good week or training. Finally got above 20 miles for week. Better yet, I ran in some serious heat/humidity. Hard, but always feel like a good accomplishment afterwards. Wednesday did somewhat of a speed workout; 1 mile hard, 4 x 1/4 mile hard, 1 mile hard. Man, my HR was really up there. Thursday ran 3 inside on treadmill, went outside and did some small hill repeats in the parking lot of a church. God was watching!  🙂

Just as I wanted, I woke earlier on Saturday and Sunday to try to beat some of the major heat/humidity. Still pretty tough. No way to really get away from it now. Jut gotta adjust. Saturday, a bunch of runners gathered at THE BIG PEACH in brookhaven to run the Peachtree Rd Race course, so I joined in and did a modified run. 3 out and 3 back along peachtree. Was pretty cool to have a bunch of runners scattered about along Peachtree! We are takin’ over!! LOL

Sunday, I made the drive out to Silver Comet and ran a good 7. As usual, devastatingly gorgeous out there this time of year with all the green! Whenever the day comes when I move away from Atlanta, i will surely miss that place! Did another 3 on treadmill Sunday evening. Again, felt great on the last run of the week!

I’ve got a new batch of ULTRAGEN. I totally believe in this recovery drink! It helps, big time. After both Saturday and Sunday morning runs, i took some dips in the pool. How refreshing and soothing.

Mentally, I feel like I am in a good place with the running. I’m feeling more motivated. More focused. I don’t think it’s any coincidence either that my “official” training schedule will kick off next week. SF Nike Marathon: here i come.

I only have to ask myself this everyday: “what are you prepared to do”

In the words of the great George Sheehan: ““If you want to win anything- a race, yourself, your life- you have to go a little berserk”

June 21: am 7 miles – Silver Comet; pm 3 miles – treadmill

June 20: 6 miles – outside

June 18: 3 miles treadmill, hill repeats outside

June 17: 1 mile, 4 x .25m, 1 mile – speed workout

Tri’s Best

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0614 sp ironman fin2

0614 sp ironman

0614 sp ironman

These are some of the absolute best photos i’ve ever seen. Hands down. 70.3 World Champion and Athlete for a Cure, Craig Alexander took a very narrow 2 second victory over Chris Lieto at the Ironman 70.3 Boise

Here is the site that has their comments on the race. Fantastic and so freaking inspiring.

Would have loved to have seen this race, especially the last mile.

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Weekend runs didn’t feel too good. Felt strenuous and really slow even if the time didn’t necessarily reflect as slow as i felt. Both Sat/Sun runs were done about 9am when it was already 85% humidity. Maybe I have forgotten how tough that is….i got a quick reminder, that’s for sure! Sleeping in on the weekends is NOW OVER! I also think the runs didn’t feel too good cause I was in a totally different mode with my friend in town…much more relaxed, had a cocktail every night, just not as focused. Know what I mean. No regrets. Had a fantastic visit. Denise is a gem of a friend and very valued!!

I want to make sure I am heading into the brunt of the marathon training not tired run down or anything like that. I may take 3 days off this week and just chill. I’m getting a massage tonight so that should be an added help! I feel like i need some juice in my legs!

June 14: a.m. – 5.25 miles outside, p.m. 3.1 miles – treadmill

June 13: 4 miles – outside

June 11: 3 miles – treadmill

June 10: 4 miles – treadmill


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coupla of pics to share. first is my K-Swiss K-Ona shoes (for josh)










These are some SWEET shoes, extremely LIGHT. SEAMLESS. Try ’em out! I may even buy a second pair in red if i can find them.

Here’s me and my friend, Denise. She flew in from last night from Bay Area. Friends for 19 years. She is staying and visiting for 4 days. YIPPEE.










Got a 4 miler done on Wed and 3 on Thurs. Both on treadmill. Ugh. Been very humid and only time to go has been after work. Gonna wake up early tomorrow and hit the streets. Cheers!

catching up

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what a week! been busy. all good though. 

June 7: am run 6.1 miles – hilly/hot; pm run 3.25 miles – treadmill

June 6: 5k race – spontaneous race to mix things up – was fun!

June 3: 1st run = 3 miles – treadmill, 2nd run = 3.1 miles – outside

June 2: 2.55 miles

For the past few weekends, I have been doing a two-a-day run on Sundays and I am really enjoying it. I know i won’t always be able to do this, especially when i start cranking the weekend long runs for the marathon. But, for now, I DO like it. In fact, i seem to have more energy on the 2nd run. I love my K-Swiss shoes and I’m loving some old and new tunes i’ve gotten off itunes: Lady GaGa, Erasure, Tony Bennett, and other random techno stuff! Love finding new good tunes, don’t you?

In other news, I booked my trip to Los Angeles for late June. Very excited about it! Looking forward to seeing friends and the change of scenery will be fantastic! Coming up this week, a good friend from the Bay Area is coming to visit. Been friends for 20 yrs. Can’t wait to see her and spend quality time together. She’s a gem!

I’ll end with a quote from a book i just bought: The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (also wrote, the Tipping Point & Blink…both I have not read)

“We are too much in awe of those who succeed and far  too dismissive of those fail”  – something to think about.

here’s a pic from one of the neighborhoods i like to run in. Cheers!


run for money – sorta

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Tomorrow, June 3rd, is National Running Day. For every MILE YOU RUN, i will donate $1 to charity. Must send me photo as proof along with your stats. Let’s make a difference!


May 31: am run = 5 miles, pm run = 3 miles – both on treadmill

May 30: 2.5 mile run, 3.5 mile run/walk (still suffering post blood donation!) – outside

May 29: 11 mile Bike Ride

May 27: 3.10 miles – treadmill

Most of these runs were all tough. I was still experiencing difficulty from the blood donation. I spoke to a friend in medical field and she was not surprised. Plus, me being a small person adds extra strain after the blood/hemoglobin loss. 

Ran a short 3 after work today in the near 90 degree hit and felt better than I have in since the donation about 12 days ago. Sheesh! Hopefully I am on the upswing!