coupla of pics to share. first is my K-Swiss K-Ona shoes (for josh)










These are some SWEET shoes, extremely LIGHT. SEAMLESS. Try ’em out! I may even buy a second pair in red if i can find them.

Here’s me and my friend, Denise. She flew in from last night from Bay Area. Friends for 19 years. She is staying and visiting for 4 days. YIPPEE.










Got a 4 miler done on Wed and 3 on Thurs. Both on treadmill. Ugh. Been very humid and only time to go has been after work. Gonna wake up early tomorrow and hit the streets. Cheers!

One Response to “hi”

  1. Hope you had a great time with your friend! I’ll be looking for those K-Swiss shoes next time I go to the store. I think I have a bit of a running shoe addiction problem!
    To answer your question, I don’t really notice the smog out here. I think there are parts of the city where I would notice it, but maybe I’ve just been lucky that way. Also, I can’t imagine that the air quality here is worse than it was in NYC where I was running in or next to heavy traffic pretty much all the time!

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