Weekend runs didn’t feel too good. Felt strenuous and really slow even if the time didn’t necessarily reflect as slow as i felt. Both Sat/Sun runs were done about 9am when it was already 85% humidity. Maybe I have forgotten how tough that is….i got a quick reminder, that’s for sure! Sleeping in on the weekends is NOW OVER! I also think the runs didn’t feel too good cause I was in a totally different mode with my friend in town…much more relaxed, had a cocktail every night, just not as focused. Know what I mean. No regrets. Had a fantastic visit. Denise is a gem of a friend and very valued!!

I want to make sure I am heading into the brunt of the marathon training not tired run down or anything like that. I may take 3 days off this week and just chill. I’m getting a massage tonight so that should be an added help! I feel like i need some juice in my legs!

June 14: a.m. – 5.25 miles outside, p.m. 3.1 miles – treadmill

June 13: 4 miles – outside

June 11: 3 miles – treadmill

June 10: 4 miles – treadmill

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