What? I’ve been running! I ain’t no slacker…

“You don’t need a reason – you need a road. Believe in the run.” Nike Ad

July 24: 3 miles – treadmill
July 22: 4 miles – treadmill – tempo run
July 21: 3.34 miles – outside, hills
July 19: 10 miles – Silver Comet w/ jeff
July 18: 5.5 miles – outside, hills
July 16: 3.1 miles AM; 2.2 miles PM – massage
July 14: 3.50 miles – treadmill

Overall, the training is going ok. I am, however, getting the familiar feeling of noticing it becomes increasingly more difficult to fit all the miles in….you know, with the rest of life. And i really don’t do much else besides work! LOL! But, yeah, overall…going well. This past Monday, which was a rest day, i felt good after the weekly total. Both weekend runs were done at good paces. I was happy to have Jeff eith me on Sunday because i could have easily seen myself splitting that run into 2 had I been alone. So, good to get all 10 done in one fell swoop! THANKS, JEFF!
What is different about this training segment is that I am really trying to be much more deliberate in EACH run. Not going out simply to “get the miles in”, but to be more conscious of what is the purpose and goal of each time out. Trying to much more “pace specific”. And as such, i think i will have to adjust my initial lofty goal of 4 hours. 4 hours is a 9:09 pace/mile. I am not confident right now that i can maintain that pace. It’s still early. I’ve got what, 12 weeks til race day. I’m not giving up on the 4 hour goal by any means; but I am assessing. Important.
I’m back to getting massages every other week which has been incredible. I have a wonderful, strong massage therapist! YAY!
Oh…and yeah, i am thinking of getting another new pair of shoes. Probably another pair of the K-SWISS K-Ona’s in a different color. Awesome shoes.

Thanks for following. Train Hard, Train Smart. CHEERS!

A recent shot; i like the shadows

6 Responses to “What? I’ve been running! I ain’t no slacker…”

  1. what the hell are you doing in that shot? you’re looking a little serious.

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    dude – i had just run over 5 miles w/ hills and heat. what do you want me to look like? it ain’t ice skating, you know?!

  3. Oh, I had no idea you had just finished seating your ass off! Sorry…

  4. I mean ‘sweating’. I can’t fucking see your blog on my laptop when I’m outside. You have to change the background!

  5. trinity2 Says:

    I like you knitting your eyebrows together in concentration. Hey, r.d. commenting on the beach is a bitch, isn’t it? 😉

  6. afuntanilla Says:

    oh, yeah…R.D. let ME change MY background to suit YOU and YOUR high mainteance, beach-loving self.

    T2 – i think you do the same thing with eyebrows! 🙂

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