take me out to the ballgame

A good week of training last week. Cooler temps helped.

Buddy Jeff and I went to Atlanta Braves game vs. San Diego last Thursday. I had FREE tix. Awesome seats, 6 rows up from HOME PLATE. (would have been better if they were playing SF GIANTS, but hey, I’ll take it!) We also sat in 755 club and enjoyed some good pizza and watched the rain come down. Was actually very pretty watching the t-storm fall on the green infield and throughout the near empty stadium. Game was only delayed 30 minutes. Sitting so close was amazing. Being able to see the speed of the pitches, watching the players and all their idiosyncrasies (david eckstein) was VERY COOL. When sitting that close, I really got into watching some of the strategy involved. You don’t really see all the hand signals, player movements, etc when you are far away or on TV. Pretty Neat. Another highlight of the game was watching the group of 4 seated in front of us; mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and newborn baby; she was probably not more than 1 month old. let me tell you, Grandpa DID NOT LET THAT KID OUT OF HIS ARMS! It was very tender and touching to watch this big older man, in the latter stages of his life, holding onto and absolutely adoring this new life! It reminded me that older people really do look different than anyone else when they are watching or holding a new baby. Perhaps that is partly because they are on such opposite sides of life and in that little being they are not only able to reflect on their own life, but also marvel at what is in store for the little one. Maybe they are amazed that they were once THAT TINY, THAT YOUNG. There was absolute joy on grandpa’s face and I wish I would have captured it on film…there was a love affair happening of the best kind. The little girl could not have been more delicate, more beautiful. Caught her smiling a coupla of times and was hooked. All in all a great evening, relaxed and had fun with jeff.

Aug 30: am run: 13 miles outside, many HILLS, pm run: 2.5 miles treadmill

Aug 29: 5.10 miles, outside

Aug 27: 3.25 miles, treadmill

Aug 26: 3.75 miles, outside

Aug 25: 4 miles, outside

Weekly Total = 31.60

One Response to “take me out to the ballgame”

  1. darn, i missed the 13 miler! heading back to AZ, plan on running at least twice while there. not 13 but i’ll have to do a bunch or next weekend might HURT!!
    yeah c’mon!

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