2009 – By Quarters

As usual, it feels a little bit difficult to recall the beginning of a year, in this case, 2009. A lot of what I recall has to do with work. Working in the financial world brought plenty to worry about and remember, but none of that I will share here. You no doubt have heard enough of all the collapses, near collapses, bailouts, etc….Persoanlly, the first quarter of the year, Jan-March was very stressful, confusing and scary. Again, all job related. Needless to say, for my own sanity, I found ways to deal with it and then I felt I was able to help clients. It didn’t matter who you were or what you did. If you were breathing, i think the state of the country and our economy had you worried.

In the running area of my life, I completed only 1 race in the first quarter; The Mercedes-Benz Birmingham Half-Marathon.I’ve run that race 3 times now and I will make it a 4th come this February. I love the flat/hilly mixed course and even though it’s winrter, i still find the course beautiful. Also, there is usually pretty good race swag! Put in on your “races to check out” list if you are anywhere near.

During the 2nd quarter, my team of 2 at work grew to a team of 3. This ended up being a really good thing and we all saw the stock market begin to make a pretty dramatic recovery from the March bottom. I was heavily consumed with work all year. I worked a lot of hours during the week and came in at least a few hours every weekend. I am investing in my career right now and for me, it’s the right thing to do. I thoroughly enjoy my job, even the tough and difficult parts. I think the industry is fascinating and ever-changing. Of course, like all things, there are parts I don’t like. I try to change what I can and let go of the rest. I won’t spend time on negative thinking. It’s wasteful and extremely energy draining. So yes, I spend a lot of time at work, but it is time well spent. I know I will not always want to work so much, but for now, I do, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

In late May and then into the 3rd quarter, I took a couple of trips. One work trip to Denver and one fun trip to Los Angeles. I had not spent any time in LA before so I was there a few days and had a blast! Also spent time in Santa Monica, which was lovely. I can understand why people live there; sunny, 70’s, flat, beautiful, water. Yep. Pretty easy to understand. What a place that must be for training! That’s incentive enough to move!

I also started training for my 6th marathon around late spring/early summer. Of course this was the time of year where it gets super hot and humid in Atlanta. After months of this and feeling so worn out and beat up by the heat, I realziied that I have trained in the late spring/summer just about every year for the past 9. I have done this because the big races I have chosen to do have been in early fall. Well, I think 2010 will see that come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the heat/humidity. But to have to train in it EVERY DAY with no relief is brutal. it has worn me out. So, right here, right now, I am saying that I will not schedule any big races for September or October. Of course, I will exercise in the summer, but it will be because I want to, not because I am on some training plan. (we’ll see if i actually carry this out!) If anything, I am hoping to be on my bike a lot this summer.

This last quarter of the year brought my 6th marathon. I ran the SF Nike Marathon in San Francisco. Also spent a few days visiting old and dear friends. That trip was fantastic; from the race to all my visits, to just my time alone there…it was awesome. The race was one of my best which I wrote about in an earlier post.

2009 brought me onto Twitter and Facebook and I have enjoyed both of these “social networking” sites much more than I ever would have thought. It’s so fun to post pictures on Facebook and see what other people are up to…And Twitter…well, I am addicted. Enough said.

The best and biggest thing that happened for me in 2009 isn’t something I can show you or even tell you about with much clarity. This is simply because it has to do with inner changes. For me, 2009, has been one of my most happy and peaceful years. When I reflect on why, I know its’ because of what and who i allowed into my life; who and what I saw was there; who and what i saw made sense to spend energy on and put energy into. Some of it was new and some of it had to do with people and things that were there before but I just hadn’t seen it. And I don’t mean to sound trite, but so much of what I am talking about just boils down to LOVE. There were more times than I can remember when I felt like i was in love. 100%. But, it was never about anyone else. There is no person involved. it’s life. Just LIFE.

So, HERE’S TO LIFE! Here’s to 2009 – appreciating all it brought and taught. And Here’s to 2010 – and all the many treasures that lie ahead. Let’s not waste any time!

I leave you with this photo of me from the SF Nike Women’s Marathon – near the finish line. LIVESTRONG, BABY!

2 Responses to “2009 – By Quarters”

  1. that was such an incredible, thoughtful summary of 2009. The work and running stuff is all great, but if you can look back on a year and think about how much you loved living it, can you ask for anything more. Congrats on a great year! Looking forward to following along (here and on twitter- you ARE addicted) in 2010! Happy New Year!!

  2. great reflection Ang!
    i enjoyed sharing some miles with you in 2009 and look forward to many more in 2010. run strong & safe! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    yeah c’mon!

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