I’ve been reaching out to a few companies and telling them about my run. I have not asked for any monetary donations for myself or the charity I am raising money for, but products to help with the training. I figured if anyone responded at all, I would be grateful & surprised. I’m blown away at the response of even a few…

Nathan Sports was gracious enough to allow me to pick a pack from their website. Here’s what I chose:

This is called their “Trail Mix” pack.  I love the mesh pocket on the front to hold my key(s) & GU Gels. As you can see, this belt has 2 flasks, perfect for runs of about 8-12 miles. If I have access to more H2O along the routes, I can replenish, but if not, I have to wear something else to carry more H2O.  If you want to check their website out to see more of their products, go to

The other company who has responded is GU ENERGY.  My contact there sent me an email saying he would send me a care package. Here’s what arrived:

In the care package was 2 big containers of their recovery drinks, a HUGE bag filled with a variety of flavors of GU GELS, and a box full of GU CHOMPS (bite sized energy gels). I almost fell over in shock when I opened the box. Seriously. I am excited to try their recovery drink as it is not one I have tried before. All of these products are going to help as I train for this 40 mile run. To see more of GU products, go to

It means so much to me that these companies have responded – especially since they are not HUGE companies with big budgets, etc..

Also, some donations are starting to flow in for the MY STUFF BAGS FOUNDATION. I’m delighted & thrilled to try to raise money for the foundation, the kids…please help if you have the means to do so. See CHARITY PAGE at right side of page for more info.

Thanks to all who read, support, & cheer me on. It means more to me than I can ever possibly express.

Follow your dreams. Make a difference.

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  1. I guess i found your blog, right? this is it…Love it/

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