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See Jane Run

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See Jane Run is a women’s athletic clothing store in the Bay Area. I reached out to them for any support they could give me with the 40 mile run. They read my story and said they could send me a running t-shirt! It came the other day in the mail. It’s awesome! A pic of the front:

Here’s what the back says:

Here’s to you.

The broad-shouldered, the knock-kneed, the pigeon-toes, the small-breasted, the wide-hipped, the long-waisted, the short-legged, the stocky, the skinny. And yes, even the perfectly proportioned.

may you live long, enjoy dessert and never stop laughing.

Blisters heal. Muscles recover. Friendships last a lifetime. High heels have their place in the very back of the closet. If you can run a mile, you can run a marathon. There comes a time when you really need to replace your sports bra. No, really. consider this. Only one person wins. everyone else should have a rockin’ good time. yes, you can talk and run at the same time. chewing gum is the hard part. a little chocolate goes a long way. be yourself.

There’s a little bit of jane in all of us.

Pretty freaking cool, huh!

your sunday tour guide

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A left outside of the building and a long stretch on Monroe Dr. I pass by the Kroger, Publix, Starbucks and cool new restaurant, HobNob. Crossing Piedmont Ave and still on Monroe, I run by Grady High School, another Starbucks, Trader Joes, Midtown Cinema and continue on the slight uphill to next intersection at Ponce de Leon. Once I cross Ponce, Monroe changes to Boulevard and the next Mile could also be referred to as “crack alley” (someone recently referred to it in that manner). Lots of run down apartments and people on the streets at all times of day or night — not sure what they are doing…but no one ever bothers me and I don’t bother them. I just keep runnin’. Soon crossing over big intersection of Boulevard/Freedom Parkway and into Edgewood and the MLK Center. Finally, I make a turn, a right one onto Dekalb Ave and head West towards Downtown. I pass the MLK Marta Station and soon make another right hand turn onto Peachtree Corner. I’ve just passed Georgia State University and a bunch of downtown hotels. Now on another long straight stretch on Peachtree Rd…taking me past The Fox Theater, another Starbucks, & Margaret Mitchell House. Now into Midtown and on a stretch that includes many new high rises, a new LOEWS Hotel (wanna check it out!!) ANOTHER STARBUCKS, W Hotel, 14th Street Playhouse, Art Museum and nearby Piedmont Park. Finally another right turn onto a street that takes me into Ansley Neighborhood (gorgeous, wide streets, large, older homes) passing Ansley Golf Club and winding my way back onto Monroe and back home.

How many Starbucks was that??

AM run = 15.3 miles

PM run = 5.7 miles

Sunday total = 21

Week total = 34

the doubt creeper

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Trying to fit in to bigger shoes. In more ways than one.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure if I can do it. Can i adapt? Am I ready?

Maybe I am ready since situations have presented themselves?

Or maybe I get to see what the “bigger shoes” feel like and then decide that I am not there quite yet.


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the humidity is not only physically draining, but mentally, too. both days this weekend, i ran outside in 80 degrees/90% humidity. Start time on Saturday was 7am, Sunday was 6:30am. both days i had to take walk breaks. probably more walk breaks than i ever have in the past. this humidity is humbling, frustrating and messes with my confidence. it’s so easy to get down on myself and think, “what is your problem? why are you walking? you’re going to slow. you’re not gonna make it.” Those were some of the thoughts in my head this weekend. But, I knew i could not allow myself to give those thoughts much energy or else my time outside was just going to be worse. I HAD to change my thoughts…and i did. i was able to mentally make a list of the pros/cons of the run which got me into an objective state of mind. And then at one point, i just had to let go…because it just is what it is…and i have to accept it. I cannot run my normal pace in these humid conditions. I cannot run as far as i want to in these conditions. Accept it and move on.

I have to trust myself. I have to trust my body. I am still getting in the miles and doing what i need to do.

One of the best things about running is that it teaches you, it compels you do to be self-sufficient. there is no one else out there to lean on. there is no one else to “pass the ball to“.

I got in a 2nd run Sunday evening on treadmill for 4.5 miles, giving me just over 20 miles for the day.

Total for the week was 35.

Pressing onward…

i startled a deer who startled me..

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I arrived at the Arabian Mountain Trailhead promptly at 7:00am. A friend of mine was already there, waiting for me in her truck. She met me there so we could take a couple of pictures for my 40 mile run project and maybe a little video too.

The trailhead was very quiet and the small parking lot very sparse…I saw only 2 other parked cars besides our own. How different this trailhead is from Silver Comet Trail in Smyrna…by 7am, it is generally FULL.

My friend graciously waited for me while I put my feet to the pavement and ventured off into unknown territory. Like the Silver Comet Trail, this trail is also paved and surrounded by lots of trees and beauty. Although it is surrounded by houses, you cannot see them from the trail and therefore it feels pretty secluded and peaceful. Today, that felt very welcome after a very busy & crazy week, but I can see where running out there in the late evenings or rainy days might not feel so safe…

As horribly staggering as the humidity is at 7am, there is also something very quiet and still about it…there’s a stillness in the air that is unmatched by any other kind of weather condition. It’s really quite stunning and one of the reasons why even though i bemoan the heat & humidity while training, i do find it beautiful and romantic. I could HEAR the stillness…along with an occasional ruffling or rummaging of critters in the woods.

Somewhere between Mile 2-3, I saw a deer up ahead on the right hand side of the trail. The deer stopped chomping on the grass and looked up at me….now, i know most people aren’t afraid of deers, but I was a little unnerved to have one soooo close. I mean, it’s not like they are the kind of animal you can just go up to and pet or something. As i ran closer and closer to where the deer was, i fully expected the deer to run off. Nope. And there I was no more than 2 feet away from the deer. We looked at each other. I did have the thought; will the deer attack me?

I kept running. Deer kept doing it’s thing.

Um…the trail…was hard. Virtually no flat parts. All uphill/downhills with turns….

I planned to run 6 miles, but somehow on the return route, i managed to make an errant turn onto one of the trail offshoots and didn’t realize it until about 1.5 miles afterwards. I was worried about my friend waiting for me…thinking she might be worried about me since i was not going to be back when I said I would…i mean, maybe she was thinking, “Did Angie get attacked by a DEER?”

I did find my way back to where I started. The good part about the detour..instead of running 6 miles, it was 7.36 miles.

Gonna be big, long run day tomorrow! Wish me luck and thanks a million times over for all the support.

Post Run Pic

love this…

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“I think there is too much emphasis placed on the distinction between the people in the front and the people in the back. I happen to feel that the sensations are exactly the same for all of us.” – Kenny Moore, marathoner & writer


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Month of July; total running miles  = 124

Most of any month so far in 2010, which is as it should be. August will be more. Miles were pretty tough whether they were on road, trail or treadmill. As I might have mentioned before, this is probably the hottest and most humid weather conditions for an Atlanta summer. Everyday, no relief. Crazy.

So, some days, and some heavy miles were done on treadmill. We are becoming quite close, me & treadmills…it’s a love/hate kind of relationship.