Carpe Diem Memento Mori

I recently met a new friend. We met via twitter and thru crazy and fun peeps following Venice Web Series. She was someone who had caught wind of my 40 mile run gig and supported me through her cheering tweets and through buying a “Hanging with my Peeps” shirt for the charity, “My Stuff Bags Foundation”. I only chatted with her a little via twitter but I knew she was someone I would just click with…you know how you just know that, right?

We got a chance to meet last weekend when I went to Dallas. Kera & I met up with some other peeps for dinner; Emery & I saw one another & gave each other a BIG HUG. A good hugger she is…which is massively important in my world! We both wore our “Hanging with my Peeps shirt”.

The next day, Kera, Emery & I went to the Dallas Arboretum. At one point we found ourselves at the rear of the huge place. We were on a grassy hilly area with White Rock Lake in the background. No clouds in the blue, blue, sky, 70 degrees…it was so perfect. As we are standing there, Emery says, “let’s run down the hill and back.” Without hesitation, “I’m in”. It was such a brilliant, spontaneous offer, how could i not say YES. We ran down the (very) steep hill

turned around and ran back up.

Kera was taking pictures of our moment. As we were running uphill, I was trying to open my arms as wide as I could and it was a little challenging cuz gravity wanted its way too.

As we came closer and closer to Kera at the top, we grabbed hands and held them up high in victory, in friendship, in seizing the freakin’ moment!!

E.L: you are a sweet, tender, special soul. It’s my pleasure to have met you and look forward to living in more moments with ya!

CARPE DIEM MEMENTO MORI : seize the day, remember you are mortal!

One Response to “Carpe Diem Memento Mori”

  1. i have read this post abt 6 times.. i cherish every part of this day and this moment! i still can’t believe i got to hang out w/ my peep…! xxoo

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