keep on

trying to think of what i want to say.

for one, i want my hour back. damn you spring forward.

on my run today, i passed two ladies who were walking. one was in front of the other. the one in front said, “we keep walking. we don’t stop. that’s our motto. we keep on.”

sounds good to me.

A solid 9 miler on the Silver Comet to finish the week. looking forward to my next race which i believe will be a half-marathon in Clemson, SC; only about 2-2.5 hour drive from Atlanta. April 2nd.

2 Responses to “keep on”

  1. I like that…just keep walking. HA!
    Time to beat that PR!! You go girl!!

  2. Keep on ______. A very good motto. 🙂

    (PS Thanks for all your support the past few weeks!)

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