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Putting pen to paper

Posted in motivation, random with tags , , , on June 11, 2011 by afuntanilla

If you know anything about me, you know I am very goal-oriented. Not just with running. To me, Goals are super important to have. Without them, I am lost, depressed, feel like my self-worth goes down. That’s me. I don’t know what it is for you or the next person. But, what I do know is that having goals helps me feel ALIVE, Energetic and brings me focus. I also have fun with it. I like to set goals as a challenge…to see if i can achieve the thing or not. I continually have to work on “letting go” of the outcome though. It’s one to have a goal…it’s another thing to be so tied to it and so obsessed with it that nothing less than pure attainment will satisfy your soul. I don’t think that’s healthy. To me, I like to set a goal, prepare, give it all I have and see what the outcome is. Then, evaluate. Obviously, it’s not always that easy or “clean-cut”, but i think you get the picture.

I’ve had goals my entire life and i can’t imagine not having them as the days and years move on. It’s part of my make-up.

I think there’s a huge advantage to writing them down versus just having them in your head. Writing them down keeps a person more focused and more accountable. I listened to something today that provided me with some stuff to think about. Perhaps, it will get you thinking too.

Step 1: What 3 things in the last year has made you most proud?

Step 2: List at least 7 things that are on your 5 year wish list. (what you want to have or have accomplished in 5 yrs)

Step 3: Identify 3 things on that list you think you can accomplish within the next 12 months

Step 4: Identify 1 thing on the list that you feel will be life changing. Why?

I hope this gives you food for thought. I hope this gives you pause. I hope you might feel a little bit inspired.

Taste Life! Dream Big!


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Waves of Pacific,

In your beach house

I’m a beginner again;



Naked and Free.

Tearing up as I watch you build

Then burst,

Splattering all over…

You have such freedom.

Hard for me to open up here,

On your shore –

Harder not to –

Your force draws me in

Pulls apart my protected heart.

I cannot hide here –

So exposed by your windows of acceptance,

Your welcome mat of compassion.

In your company I see

I am big, yet tiny

Powerful yet weak,

Blissfully full yet staggeringly empty.

You remind me of Permanence

Of Change,

Of Booming Disruption

and Soothing Calm

Oh, Pacific…

How is it you give so freely…

I am to learn from you.