The Half

I completed the Half Moon Bay Half Marathon last Sunday on my 41st Birthday. I wrote a full race report on  

but I also wanted to post a few things here.

My finish time was 2:11:51 and I was ok with this finish. The course was a simple, yet very scenic out and back flat course alongside the vast Pacific Ocean. The morning was a bit overcast, about 65 degrees. Perfect running temperatures! As I made my way to start line, I saw Scott Jurek standing off to the side. I had listened to his talk the day before. He spoke of his ultra running experience and talked a lot about the mental toughness needed for such races, and any race, really. I appreciated his down-to-earthness, humor, and humility. I went up to him pre-race and introduced myself and chatted a few minutes. Pretty neat pre-race motivation, inspiration, huh?!
And with that, I was off on my journey. As I began the race, I was filled with gratitude to be there with good friends, to be there with a very able body and to be in beautiful, peaceful & powerful surroundings. My view to my right was all the Pacific…her waves coming and crashing and settling…and repeat. I was settling in myself, with each step, each breath…just paying attention to my body and finding my pace. I kept taking deep breaths to take in and smell all around me and drink in all i could. A slight, slight wind wound fall upon me every now and again. Soon, I was about to reach the turn around point…the fancy Ritz-Carlton was there in the short distance…looking much like a castle on a cliff in Europe somewhere. My body was holding up ok. In general, my race felt like a decent training run. As I made my return route and I saw the Full Marathon runners making their way out AGAIN (they did double out and back) believe me, I was glad to not be among them today. It was a sound, smart decision to just go with the 13.1.
Every race is an adventure, an opportunity to learn. It’s a mirror to see who I am on that given day. I learned that it was good to chose the shorter race, i learned that i could still very much have a good experience while lowering my expectations. I learned its OK to lower my expectations and that mental toughness is not just about PUSHING HARDER.

If you have followed me and this blog for awhile then you know i often write about heroes and being your own hero. Well, on Sunday Sept 25th, 5 of my friends also ran their race that day. Some of them for the first time ever. They signed up, made a commitment, got to the starting line and finished. I tell you now. Those are my heroes.

Here’s a pic of me with 3 of those folks; Holly, Delaney and Alec

and of course, I had to do one of my “tasting life” poses!!

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  1. Sounds like a great experience and a great way to celebrate the gift of a birthday. Congrats to you!

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