Can you see it? It’s there…just up ahead a bit. You know, that place…that place. No, that STEP. That step you want to get to is right there. You are on your way to reaching that step that will take you higher, that will invigorate your spirit once more, that will inject spiritual juice into your veins of life.

You’re a dreamer. I know. And to reach dreams, we must first reach steps. Each dream, every goal has steps that must be met and surpassed along the way. You are well on your way. Don’t look back. Forge ahead. There will be plenty of time to look back later. Keep shedding what is no longer needed and useful. Thank it with dignity and grace and then shed. Move on. Keep the load light and your heart open. Keep your arms loose and your eyes focused.

Feel your heart beating faster? It’s working hard for ya. Be good to it.

The crest is close…up around the bend. Rise up. Keep going.

Keep Soaring.

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