Giving a Mile

One day last week, I found myself out of my normal coming home routine. My errands after work took me in a different direction and I ended up coming home from the opposite direction I usually do. And it was now dark. I was tired and ready to go home.

I was backed up at a stoplight and to my left, I noticed a young woman and little girl. They were attempting to cross the street, not at the cross walk, but in the middle. I was just watching them and hoping they would make it ok. THe young woman was carrying about 3 bags of groceries, plus a suitcase and she had her little girl. I kept watching and they made it across the street to the nearby bus stop, which i figured that was where they were headed. All within a matter of 1-3 minutes, I watched her and wondered what her life was like and where she was going. I thought, “maybe i should offer her a ride. no, don’t. that’s kinda weird. Is it? No, offer her a ride. What’s gonna happen? She doesn’t look like a killer.”

As they were at the bus stop, my car line began to move and i quickly turned into the nearest driveway. I hopped out and said,
“hey, how far you going?”
Her reply: “just down to the InTown Motel”
“ok, i know where that is. Can i give you a lift? Looks like you got a lot going on there.”
Smiling, she said, “yeah, thanks. We just missed the bus.”

I put the groceries in the trunk and her and little girl (almost 3 yrs old) got into front seat. I asked the little girl if she was ready for Christmas and Santa. Smiling big, she said, ‘yes.”

About a mile or so up the road, I pulled into the Motel and noticed the sign that says, “$149 per week.” Made me think even more about her life and such. A young gal and her tot just coming back “home” with hands full of groceries….

They got out of the car and thanked me.

***I don’t share this story for virtual “pats on the back”. I share this story because I hope to inspire and motivate all of us to notice. To notice the other people around us. We all get so consumed by our own lives…not a bad thing and we all do it. Part of being human. But, there are so many opportunities out there that if we noticed, we could make a big difference doing a small thing. Would it have been a big deal for her to wait for the bus and ride bus a mile down the road? No. But, it was the fact that I noticed and cared enough about another human being. Whether someone is struggling or not, it’s always such a wonderful thing for someone to SEE YOU and to CARE. I think we can all do more. be more. to our fellow human beings.

3 Responses to “Giving a Mile”

  1. You are so right. And I am inspired to make sure people know I really see them and care. 🙂 Thanks, friend!

  2. We CAN and SHOULD do more.

  3. your generosity and compassion never cease to amaze me. happy holidays angie!

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