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Week 11 Run Report

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A big delay in posting about Week 11. It’s hard to recall some of the runs. Midweek I did 2 runs; a 40 minute run where I don’t know the mileage. The next one was the highlight run of week: 3 miles at 8:13 pace through downtown Petaluma. If you know anything about my running, you know that this is a super fast pace for me. I don’t know how it happened, but it just did. I was flying. It felt awesome, even though I felt my heart was about to burst through my chest. Everything was just on…legs felt loose, body was rested and off I went. Of course I would love to run longer at that pace (and faster), but today, it was enough for the 3 miles. I surprised myself and it gave me a boost. Saturday, I ran 3.25 and then a good 7 miler on Sunday at 9:16 pace, and I was satisfied with that pace. 

I have some pretty cool news to share. One of my near term goals is to break the 2 hour mark in the half marathon. (which I have mentioned here time and time again!…I will DO IT) 

Well, @nikerunning reached out to me on twitter and asked if I would like for them to design a customized training plan for me to reach a particular goal. I enthusiastically responded, YES!

The asked me to send in a bio of myself with current and past training and what goal do i want help with. I responded with my sub 2 hour half marathon goal and they have now supplied me with a plan. And man, IT IS A PLAN! I am going to try and post it to this blog somehow. The main thing that came across to me is the time they took to do it. The plan seems very well thought out and very customized. Just to let you know, it was about 6 weeks after their initial contact with me that I got the plan. I feel fortunate, definitely. I’m sure I am not the only one they reached out to via twitter, but I’m sure glad they did! 

I’m scheduled to start my plan on Monday April 2nd. They have incorporated some stretching and strength/power building session in among the running sessions. I’m excited to begin and now just need to pick a race to add to the calendar. 

Now, I just wish I could get my hands on a pair of these NIKE FLY KNIT RACER Shoes…but alas, they won’t be available until the Olympics or afterwards.

I eagerly await……


Week 11: Total Approx Miles 18

Week 10 Run Report

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Week 10. Not a whole lot of miles, but 3 out of 4 runs were good quality. Let’s focus on those. Wednesday, after work, I ran 4.23 miles at 8:59 pace. Very happy to get in under the 9:00 min mark. I didn’t even know my pace per mile until calculating distance afterwards. (for the record, i do not have my own Garmin anymore. I had the Garmin 110 and not 1, but 2 of them crapped out on me, so I’m not going to buy another Garmin watch. Although, sometimes I am able to use my friends’ Garmin and it seems to be ok….for now!)

Saturday, I ran 4 miles at 8:45 pace. WHOA! VERY HAPPY!! After the first mile, i just found another gear and was able to sustain it. I probably could have sustained for 1 more mile, but not much more than that…for now! That’s why we practice, right?? RIGHT!

Sunday rolled around and I waited until mid afternoon to head out on the roads. I usually go out within a couple hours of waking up, but I decided to enjoy some breakfast and morning time first. It had been lightly raining in Petaluma, but by the time I left, all was clear.
I altered my usual course a little bit which took me more into the “countryside” and involved more hills. Not steep, but rolling, and a good amount of them to keep my heart pumping strong. Coming into the last 1-1.5 miles, I had a clear choice to either go more flat the rest of the way or keep going with the hilly areas. I chose the hilly areas. That’s how I know I’m a runner. That’s how I know I am gonna reach the goals I set for myself.
Invigorated. Strong. Steadfast.
Sunday ended with 7 miles at 9:33 pace. I’m good with that.

Friday nite played a little tennis and totally getting into it. Can’t wait to play more!

I love those “little moments” when you “cross over”. When you chose the more difficult over the easy. When you go for uncomfortable-ness over comfort. Comfort, for me, is when I am home, snuggled on the couch or in bed. It doesn’t belong on my running route. Comfortable, for me, is sitting in a nice, comfy, oversized chair watching a movie while eating some popcorn. This, too, does not belong on my running route.
Does it always have to be difficult, tough, hard…NO, of course not. There are times to rest. To go slow. To take it easy. To taper for a race.

This is not that time. This is building mode. Onward

Week 10: Total running miles: 18

“If you don’t feel it, you will never get it.” -Goethe

Week 9 Run Report

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Finally a week free from any kind of sickness, sluggishness or anything related to not feeling physically well. THANKFUL!

Since I had gotten my job, but had not heard on my start date yet, I decided to take some time to do more traveling. Made a spontaneous trip up to Ashland, OR for just 2 days. I left a sunny, warm Petaluma for a cold, snowy Southern Oregon. Who does that, right? Well…I needed it and it was much welcome as you can read in my previous post. 

I ran Wednesday morning in light snowy conditions. Wasn’t very cold; about 35 -37 degrees. I ran from my little place at Ashland Inn into downtown and down to Southern Oregon University, turned around and went up into some neighborhoods and zig-zagged my way though town. Cute homes in Ashland. Love the narrow, short streets with moderate hills. I could see far off into the distance to the neighboring white mountains. Beautiful. Don’t know how far I ran, but watch was 52 minutes. Was going a little slower than usual as I had a hard time loosening up. Sometimes that happens in the cooler temperatures. 

I thought of running the following morning before leaving, but it had snowed even more the night before and was coming down heavy as I woke up and enjoyed some coffee. I figured I would just enjoy it from a spectators point of view and go get some breakfast at a place that had been recommended; MORNING GLORY.

I packed up my stuff and off I went. MORNING GLORY was a great place for some grub. The portions were very large so I was bummed to not have RUN BEFORE eating. Large and yummy portions. Be sure to check it out of you are ever in Ashland. Off I went for my 6 hour drive back to Petaluma.

I ran again on Friday. 3 faster miles followed by 4 x .25 intervals at even faster pace. I did this on the streets of Petaluma, not a track. Quiet, flat streets.

Highlight run of week was on Sunday. 6.65 miles through Petaluma. Mostly flat but with a strong, steep long hill at the end. I was (happily) surprised to see my pace at 9:11 as I didn’t feel I was moving that well out on the streets. 

Funny thing happened. I was about 3 miles into the run when I looked ahead and saw a woman standing on a corner, looking in my direction. As I approached, I smiled, realizing it was a friend I had not seen in about 15 years. She lives in a nearby town. She had been driving by and said she saw my shoes and said, “that has to be Angie”

We had already been connected on Facebook, which is how she recognized my shoes. How cool is that!! Shout out to K-SWISS, baby!!


Looking at making some decisions today on races for at least the first half of 2012. Excited! Stay tuned.

Week 9: Total Approx Miles: 15