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Weeks 18, 19

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Week 18

April 30th: 6×400 Intervals: paces were: 1:50, 1:50, 1:45, 1:45, 1:37, 1:35 – Solid
May 1st: 3.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:44/mile
May 2nd: strength training and BOOT CAMP/ABS class
May 3rd: 3.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:34/mile
May 4th: strength training
May 5th: 5 mile run/pace was 8:36/mile

A solid week in terms of results, but I also feel like I pushed really hard all week. Like, maybe too hard. I feel every run I am stretching myself and I need to be careful here. I probably feel like this also because I took my first ever class at the gym. (i joined a local club. Club One. super nice. super big. yay!) The class I took was 30 minutes ABS, followed by 60 min boot camp. I didn’t realize what was really happening — the classes just sort of merged into one and i found myself getting my ass kicked by all these exercises. More squats, “burbpies”, sprints, pushups, chest exercises, bicep curls. You name it…we probably did it…and then some. Loved the instructor and loved being in a class/group setting. Something different for me and a little out of my comfort zone. So…all good! I had to look aeround at the other people to make sure I wasn’t the only one suffering. Yep, they were all suffering right along with me. But, the best kind of suffering, ya know!! We were working our hearts…making them stronger!
Can’t wait to go back to class! (did i REALLY SAY THAT?)

Week 19

May 7th: Hill repeats; 10 min warm up, then 10×20-30 sec hill repeats. I did 10×20 sec! 10 min cool down
May 8th: 4 mile tempo run; pace was 8:39/mile
May 9th: Boot Camp/ABs class again. OUCH!
May 10th: 4 mile tempo run; pace was 8:35/mile
May 11th: Strength train
May 12th: 4.5 mile run. Pace was 8:49/mile ***schedule was to do 7*** Didn’t make it. Heavy legs
May 13th: ***did an extra run since yesterday fell short. Ran 6 miles at 8:45 pace

So…I feel the same way I did last week. That I am pushing too hard, too much. Then throw in the class and its too much. I need to send questions to my Nike Training people and get some guidance on my paces, etc… Was way more happier with run today versus yesterday. Woke earlier and temps were cooler. 55 degrees. perfect.
I am still “suppossed” to be doing the 8 min mile increments in the saturdays runs, but I just cannot go that fast…I have been mixing in that pace for 1/4 here and there.

Overall — I am getting faster and stronger. A wonderful thing. When I was in Atlanta, basically every short run was over 9 min pace and every long run was high 9, low 10 min mile pace. So, cracking the 9 min mile consistently feels damn good. Wanna keep it up, and wanna be smart about it.


Weeks 16, 17

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Week 16
April 17: 5×400; paces were; 1:51, 1:51, 1:40, 1:49, 1:36 – done on the street
April 18: 3 mile tempo run (easy); pace was 8:27/per mile
April 19: Strength Train
April 21: 4 mile run; pace was 8:45/per mile

During the week, I skipped one of the 3 mile tempo runs as my body was pretty sore/tired from the trail race over the weekend. Even so, I felt the 5×400 intervals went well. The 4 mile run was where i fell short. The longer run of the week for Nike Training Program is on Saturday and for April 21st run, I was to do 6 miles, flat/fast with 2 pick ups at 8 min/mile pace for 10 minutes each.
I hate to say it, but I am just not able to do that yet. I tried, but i can only sustain that 8 minute pace for maybe 8 min/1 mile as oppossed to 2 intervals of 10 minutes each. THAT IS FREAKING HARD FOR ME. So, I have to learn to adjust and do what I can. My legs felt very heavy and it was pretty warm when I ran, so this also impacted me. So, i was not too happy after this run. But, it all continues to be a learning experience.

Weeek 17

April 24th: 2.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:47/mile
April 25th: Strength train
April 26th: 2.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:34/mile
April 27th: Strenght train
April 28th: 4 mile run. Pace was 9:01/mile

I’ve gotten the training program kinda down now in terms of how it works. 2 tempo runs during week, with the goal being to beat the time of the 1st run on the following run. I feel good when I accomplish that, like this week! The 4 mile pace was also ok. Was suppossed to “comfortable pace”.

The strength training part is a challenge because I don’t yet belong to a gym and so I have been “creative” in doing the assigned exercises. I will tell you that I am doing more lunges and squats than I have ever done in my life. Hell—I NEVER even did these things before…and they make you SUPER FREAKING SORE!!! But, they also MAKE YOU STRONG!!


Catching up: Weeks 14, 15

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So, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I was fortunate enough to have Nike formulate a training plan for me. The Goal: Run a Half-Marathon in under 2 hours. They reached out to me on twitter and out together the plan. I “offically” started the training on April 2nd. (week 14 of 2012)

First of all, the mileage to start is very light and it’s been something to get used to. And they emphasized to stick with the plan and not do more than recommended. Good emphasis for people who want to do more, like me. 🙂

They have mixed in 2 strength training days along with 5-6 days of other exercises to do as part of general flexibility, strength and warm up. So, far it’s been 3-4 days a week of running. Again, the focus has not been on quantity of miles run, but rather quality: strenth, power and speed building…which is what I need in order to break that 2 hour hurdle!

My 1st week was April 2-April 8th
April 2nd – workout = 4×400; I ran these at avg pace of 1:45 per 400 on the street.
April 3rd – workout = 2 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:34/mile. very good for me.
April 5th – workout = 2 mile tempo run with goal of trying to beat the previous time. Pace was 8:25/mile. Goal met!! Psyched!!
April 7th – workout = Recommended run was: 4 MILE RUN FLAT AND FAST WITH TWO PICK UPS AT AN 8 MIN/MILE PACE FOR 10 MINUTES EACH TWICE. Well, coming off the 2 tempo runs earlier in the week, I really though I could do this, but I could not sustain that 8 min pace. I did on my first 10 minute attempt, but not on the 2nd one. Ended up doing 3 miles @ 8:43 pace.

Here are examples of some of the strength training exercises they have me doing on non-running days. I had NO CLUE what many of these exercises were and had to look them up online. Videos helped. LOL. This is DAY A exercises. There is also a DAY B. I alternate between the 2.

Day A
Cable anti-rotation reverse Lunge w/ Chop(outside leg lunge) 2×8 each
Jump Lunges 2 X 8 ea reps
Resistance Training
1A. Lateral Lunge 3×8
1B. Plank Position Row 3x 6-8 each
1C. Single Leg Hip Extension 3x 8 each
2A. T- Push Up 3×8 each
2B. RDL w/ bent over row 3×8 each
Energy Systems
Jump Squats 4-8×20 seconds, 10s rest
Foam Roller, Static Stretching, Post Workout Shake

Week 15

April 9th – Nike program was a hill workout, but since I had run part of the Muir Woods race course the day before, I figured that more than enough fulfilled my hill repeat day. 🙂
April 11th – 2.5 mile tempo run. Pace 9:36/mile — UM…I have NO idea what happened here! Too long ago to recall, but maybe legs fatigued fromm 5 mile trail run.
There was another 2.5 mile tempo run scheduled, but I skipped because of the upcoming race.
April 14th – Muir woods 7 Mile Trail race. I hope you read my report previously posted. 🙂 Awesome race. So happy with my performance

So, there you have it. That covers weeks 14, 15 of 2012. Hope to get all caught up with weeks 16-18 by mid week. I feel like I am running stronger and having fun! All good.

Keep your body strong and fit for your lifetime!