Weeks 18, 19

Week 18

April 30th: 6×400 Intervals: paces were: 1:50, 1:50, 1:45, 1:45, 1:37, 1:35 – Solid
May 1st: 3.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:44/mile
May 2nd: strength training and BOOT CAMP/ABS class
May 3rd: 3.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:34/mile
May 4th: strength training
May 5th: 5 mile run/pace was 8:36/mile

A solid week in terms of results, but I also feel like I pushed really hard all week. Like, maybe too hard. I feel every run I am stretching myself and I need to be careful here. I probably feel like this also because I took my first ever class at the gym. (i joined a local club. Club One. super nice. super big. yay!) The class I took was 30 minutes ABS, followed by 60 min boot camp. I didn’t realize what was really happening — the classes just sort of merged into one and i found myself getting my ass kicked by all these exercises. More squats, “burbpies”, sprints, pushups, chest exercises, bicep curls. You name it…we probably did it…and then some. Loved the instructor and loved being in a class/group setting. Something different for me and a little out of my comfort zone. So…all good! I had to look aeround at the other people to make sure I wasn’t the only one suffering. Yep, they were all suffering right along with me. But, the best kind of suffering, ya know!! We were working our hearts…making them stronger!
Can’t wait to go back to class! (did i REALLY SAY THAT?)

Week 19

May 7th: Hill repeats; 10 min warm up, then 10×20-30 sec hill repeats. I did 10×20 sec! 10 min cool down
May 8th: 4 mile tempo run; pace was 8:39/mile
May 9th: Boot Camp/ABs class again. OUCH!
May 10th: 4 mile tempo run; pace was 8:35/mile
May 11th: Strength train
May 12th: 4.5 mile run. Pace was 8:49/mile ***schedule was to do 7*** Didn’t make it. Heavy legs
May 13th: ***did an extra run since yesterday fell short. Ran 6 miles at 8:45 pace

So…I feel the same way I did last week. That I am pushing too hard, too much. Then throw in the class and its too much. I need to send questions to my Nike Training people and get some guidance on my paces, etc… Was way more happier with run today versus yesterday. Woke earlier and temps were cooler. 55 degrees. perfect.
I am still “suppossed” to be doing the 8 min mile increments in the saturdays runs, but I just cannot go that fast…I have been mixing in that pace for 1/4 here and there.

Overall — I am getting faster and stronger. A wonderful thing. When I was in Atlanta, basically every short run was over 9 min pace and every long run was high 9, low 10 min mile pace. So, cracking the 9 min mile consistently feels damn good. Wanna keep it up, and wanna be smart about it.


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  1. yo angie! sorry, just finally got caught up on your blog. super big congrats on the trail race last month! sounds like you kicked ass and had a blast doing it! and your Nike training program + gym class sounds pretty killer. be sure to listen to your body (a little bit at least) and back off if you need to.

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