1 week to Go

1 week until race day. SF Half Marathon next weekend. I’ll be so happy to get out there and run a road race again. I have not run a (road race) in quite a while now. Did the trail race earlier this year in March, and as you know, trail races are different beasts all together.

I’ve had a couple of good weeks of running, not great, but good. This week, I plan on running just 1-2 days. My body, i’ve discovered, especially my legs, work well on adequate rest. So, maybe get a massage this week and a short run or 2 and that’s it. Need to make sure my nutrition is all good and get lots of sleep.

I’m looking forward to running a race in San Francisco again. I ran this race as the FULL MARATHON back in 2005 and one of my overall best race experiences! It was a gorgeous day throughout the city and I had lots of friends who came to support me. An awesome day.

This time, I’m going for my goal of under 2 hour finish. My best half marathon time is 2:01:43. As mentioned before on this blog, I ran that time in my very first ever Half-Marathon race in 1999. That race, too, was in San Francisco, but a different course. The course on Sunday will begin in Golden Gate Park and cover miles approximately 1-5, then goes into lower/upper haight, Mission District, Mission Bay/At&T Park (SFGIANTS HOME) and then finishes right at the awesome Ferry Building along with the full marathon. I’m looking forward to it.

If anyone wants info on the race, go to http://www.sfmarathon.com

So, my primary goal is to finish under 2 hours, even if I finish 1:59:59, I will be super thrilled. My secondary goal would be to best my time of 2:01:43.

I think I can. I think I can….

Stay tuned….and keep that body healthy!! ONWARD!

One Response to “1 week to Go”

  1. i dig reading how excited you are! i’m excited for you. I know you can have a great day out there – beautiful course, you’re confident and well trained! have fun and kick butt! looking forward to reading all about it

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