Winding down…


I’ve scaled back on the running these past couple of months. After running my last race, the SF Nike Women’s Marathon in October, I thought it was best to simply rest a little. In November, I only ran a total of 52 miles and so far in December, I’ve only run about 40 miles. I noticed in November that my head and heart just were not fully into it. And my legs weren’t into it much either…so I kept scaling back. I am pretty tuned into my body and so…

So far in December, I’ve enjoyed the miles. I’ve run 2 times on the trails at Helen Putnam Park in Petaluma. The trails are hilly for this area, but it terms of elevation, not a lot. For example, the last run I did there, the elevation gain was a bit less than 800 ft. I mention this because I am considering running a significant trail race in April and if i do, i will need to find steeper and bigger trails to train on. The high elevation for the race are is 5000 ft…so…i must find other trails if I decide to do this race. Still mulling it over…

Over the next few days, I hope to post my review of 2012 and then what i hope to accomplish in 2013.

Still planning and dreaming. BIG. Hope you are too.


One Response to “Winding down…”

  1. good for you to listen to your body and take it easy. how far is it from you to Mill Valley or those trails? That area would be more than enough for training for that certain April ultra.

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