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“you can train for anything”

Posted in bike, motivation, races, road, travel on April 8, 2009 by afuntanilla

Been so inspired by many things lately; reading about Ironman events and following the stories and blogs of some of the competitors, following the now completed ATACAMA CROSSING race in Chile put on by Racing the Planet, and even by work. I just returned from a quick 2 day trip to Denver and feel like my head is buzzing in a good way. I feel re-energized, more focused, and motivated.

I was looking at some of the race data from the winners of the Ironman events that took place over the last weekend. Chrissie Wellington won Ironman Australia and her marathon time was at a 6:50 pace. Awesomely sick!!

My next event will be a sprint Duathlon in about a month. I’ve still not ventured into the swimming arena…

Sun April 5: 7 mile run, 1 hr 12 min, 10:17 pace, easy/slow
Sat April 4: 14.87 mile BIKE, 56:42; 2.25 mi run, 20:11, 8:58 pace
Thur April 2: 3 mile run, 26:56, 8:58 pace treadmill
Tues March 31: 3 mile run, 26:55, 8:58 pace treadmill


Posted in bike, road on March 12, 2009 by afuntanilla

I’m sitting on my sofa, eating a cherry Starburst. yum. 

ok, so here is what I have done lately:

March 11: 5 mile bike ride, 20: 24 followed by 2.2 mile run, 20:08 – outside. gorgeous day. 

March 10: 3 miles at track. 27:10

March 8: 33 minute run. legs pooped!

March 7: 6 mile run, 54: 31, 9:05 pace followed by 14:50 mile bike, 55:01 – all on Silver Comet Trail

As you can see I am mixing in some cycling. why? cause i just want to and want to see what i can do. I don’t have any specific races near-term so i am just kinda feeling things out. Saturday, my run started off a little slow, but once i passed 3 miles, legs felt great. as if i had just started. leg turnover felt really good. I made a transition to my bike and off I went. Pretty good ride. Nice to mix it in. Wasn’t really feeling too tired until last mile. Even so, I felt good afterwards! 

Today, I rode bike first, then ran. Man, i think that is harder for me. Seems much easier to run first. Legs feel heavier after riding. Will be interesting to see if this pattern continues. I may do a triathlon in the summer. I definitely would like to find another Duathlon to do like the one I did 2 yrs ago at Lake Lanier. 

My “rough patch” is still lingering a bit, but getting better. I’m trying to see it as an “opportunity” for growth rather than something just unpleasant. I do believe something positive is on the other side. Just need to remember to breathe and be present. 

Be good.

Lance is down under and ready to go!

Posted in articles, bike, motivation on January 11, 2009 by afuntanilla

Go. Be. Inspired!

Posted in bike, road on October 26, 2008 by afuntanilla

I went for a very late morning run with my old friend, Tracy. Chapman, that is. As we turned a corner near Emory University, she reminded me:

“don’t be tempted by the shiny apple, don’t you eat of a bitter fruit, hunger only for a taste of justice, hunger only for a word of truth, cause all that you have us your soul”

A mile or so later, another old friend, Diana, came along. Ross, that is. Her words were comforting and resounding: “I know, I know you must always follow the sun, wherever it leads, BUT REMEMBER, if you should fall short of your desires, remember life holds for you one guarantee…you’ll always have me.” As I heard these soul warming words, I took a deep breath and my eyes filled with tears from the chilly air and some sort of intermittent melancholy. But, not just that…also for the thrill and the privilege of being alive…for the opportunity to move, to feel my legs pump and my feet hit the ground; to notice my runny nose and my empty, hungry stomach. 

Being alive. Stayin Alive. Not taking a thing for granted.

Latest workouts:

Friday: 3 miles – san diego

Sunday: 4.57 run – late morning, hilly; 30 minute bike ride, (7.42miles) – evening, hilly