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on my mind

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This past fall, I gave up.
On two friends.

It’s never easy, is it?

oh, birmingham…

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scan92I went to Wolf Camera yesterday to have them make a disc of some photos I had in hard copy. Here is one from the Birmingham Half-Marathon from 2007. The shots the photographers got were pretty great, in my opinion. I hope to get back to that race in 2009!!

ironman on tv

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Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon will air on TV today at 2:30EST. Check local listings if you are interested. I know where I will be at 2:30pm!


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I went to see the film MILK last night. A couple of times during, some tears formed in my eyes and fell. At the end, I was just overcome. Silent tears streamed down my cheeks. And my heart ached.

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somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near…


Half-Marathon Stats

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My chip time = 02:03:13

Age group/women  = 218/664

All women = 1267/4263

Total Finishers: 3773/8697

I am pleased with my result, especially on this course. Now, i know I can gun to break 2 hours. Also, I am pleased with how I fared amongst all runners because this was a large race and it gives me a good gauge. Now, gotta see what’s next…

The Half

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Tomorrow at 7:00am, I will be running the Atlanta Half-Marathon.

I really like that this is a Thanksgiving Day tradition here in Atlanta. However, I have only done this race once before, in 2004. On that day, I ran 2:09. What I recall from the race was how cold and windy it was at the start. I wore shorts, nylon adidas pants, a shirt and a long sleeve fleece and I DID NOT GET HOT. That was my longest race of the year and considering the circumstances at the time, I was ok with my result. 

My best time overall for the Half-Marathon is 2:01:44, which occurred in 1999 in San Francisco. All flat, believe it or not, but with some wind for a good 3 miles along the GREAT HIGHWAY next to the Pacific Ocean. That was the first Half I’ve ever done. I’m a little surprised i have not been able to break 2 hrs. YET. That day will come. But, not tomorrow. If I am able to finish in 2:05 or under, I will be pleased. We’ll see. It will be cold, but I don’t think there is any forecast for wind. Yes, it’s a “race”, but it’s not something that I am super hyped about or have done much focused training for, so that is kinda nice to not feel a lot of anxiety. Also, there are about 8 people from my office running, which has got to be some kind of a record. As we have gotten new hires, more of them are of the runnin’ type, so that is pretty cool. Should be a large group out there. I think in the 10K neighborhood. 

Have a great day all!

Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.” – Paul Tergat

sort of like my day…

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Imagine you are a doctor and you have patients that you think could possibly be ill. Well, actually, they show signs of something that could be of great damage to them. But right now, they don’t. You explain to your clients your suspicions, but they don’t listen. They don’t take your advice to really have a full and thorough check-up. 
So, fast forward to present day. Your patients now believe they should have a full and thorough check-up; they believe that something could be wrong. You’ve called and asked them again to come on in and take a look at things. They tell you they are going to seek the opinion and possible care of a different doctor.  

No. I am not a doctor, but maybe you get the picture.
Oh, life…

those were better days…

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Kate Walsh

I’m venting

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a few things in this country are really pissing me off and i just gotta say something. normally, i keep these kind of things to myself, but i just gotta. so, hang in there with me. 

The Auto-Industry and their looming bailout. It angers me that Ford and GM are in such dire trouble. It angers me that our government is about to bail them out in one way or another. GM is hanging on right now by a very thin thread. They are burning cash faster then you could ever put it in your pockets if it were free-flowing from an over zealous ATM. They need help. And we, the taxpayers, are about to pitch in. This is pissing me off more than anything else right now (in the whole bailout arena) because this didn’t just happen overnight. GM and Ford’s problems started many years ago. Those businesses and the people that ran them had opportunities to change…to look beyond a year or 2 and address some of the needs that could be foreseen. Rather than truly thinking about and addressing the global need for oil and it’s impact, they chose to keep building vehicles that are not efficient. They had opportunities to be leaders, to be bold and be daring. But, they didn’t and our congress has not helped. The businessmen and the congressional leaders, i believe, were in co-hoots together. They didn’t want to build smaller and/or more fuel efficient cars….because, “that is not what the consumer wants.” What blows me away is how business leaders can be so incredibly short-sighted. Again, if you have followed their companies, they are not NOW just experiencing problems…it’s gone on for quite some time. Congress could have helped. They could have mandated more efficiency a long time ago…but they didn’t. Maybe if the 2 parties would have put egos & politics aside years ago GM and Ford would not have had as many layoffs as they have had and would not be in the dire circumstances they now are in. Unbelievable. I feel for the many employees who work there, who have clocked in every day for years to earn their paycheck. I feel for those that have lost their jobs already. I’m sure they are worried about their pensions and that is truly awful. WHERE WERE THE LEADERS??? Unbelievable.

My second and last vent of they day: please explain to me how our country can elect a black president, but cannot allow gay marriage. wow. I’m especially astonished at the people of California, my place of birth. How does this happen? How is it that more than a majority of people believe that if 2 women or 2 men marry, that they are not entitled to the same rights as all other married folks? How is that not discrimination? How is that different than telling a woman she cannot vote because she is a woman? Where is the “right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? This is absolutely unbelievable to me. I just don’t understand. I mean, I don’t have a partner and i don’t even really believe in marriage, per se. But, that is my thing and a whole separate issue. BUT, I am still angered by this because it is about rights. And it is about some people saying that unless you are committed in ceremony and by law to a PERSON of the opposite sex, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED to certain rights. Just think about that for a second. I guess they should re-write the Constitution because we are not all created equal. Obviously.

As I write this, i am sad. Sad that the fucking country and the world is like this. Sad that because in the face of such hope and optimism, we still have a long way to go. 

I would never describe myself as a political person. I don’t even know too much about politics. Neverthess, these are the things on my mind.