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picture perfect

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I recall some rainy mornings when I didn’t want to get up at 5 A.M. and arrived at the track hoping perhaps that he had overslept. My eyes would search through the faint light until they fell on this solitary figure standing motionlessly in the rain with his hands behind his back, waiting patiently for his runners. It was an impressive sight; you just had to respect him.” – Jim Beatty, miling great, on his Hungarian coach, Mihaly Igloi

passed this “art” during my Saturday run.

One of my favorite delights; a cappuccino from Dancing Goat’s Coffee Shop in Decatur. So lovely. So yummy. Me & my tired body enjoyed it after the run.

March 7: 6.5 miles – outside

March 6: 16.5 miles – outside

March 4: 3 miles – outside

March 3: 3 miles – treadmill

March 2: 3 miles – outside

13 days …

Good Friday and 10 things i want to do over next 3 days

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  1. buy a new bike seat
  2. paint. art. not paint like paint house paint.
  3. bike. run. repeat.
  4. get work done at office
  5. finish taxes
  6. buy groceries
  7. watch some Masters
  8. watch, listen to baseball
  9. eat good chocolate
  10. kiss someone. maybe