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The misfit team that made it happen…

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They are a team of self proclaimed “misfits & outcasts”. They are not the team that was expected to even win the NL wild card, let alone be in the freaking World Series. They are a line-up that doesn’t scare any pitcher. The last time the team won the World Series, they were the NY Giants (1954). They are the one and only San Francisco Giants.

A few more tidbits for you:

1) Right Fielder Cody Ross was picked up off waivers from Florida in August. He went on to win the MVP award during the NLCS.

2) Left Fielder Pat Burrell was picked after being released from Tampa Bay. He has been a crucial part of the offense.

(what is it about FL teams that let ’em go? who cares? THANKS!)

3) The team ERA led all of baseball in ERA during the season

4) ERA against the Atlanta Braves/Philadelphia Phillies was 2.47

5) Manager Bruce Bochy made the gutsy call to leave Barry Zito off all of the post-season rosters, including the World Series. Zito is signed to the Giants biggest contract at $126 million. Bochy plays the players who make it happen and unfortunately for Zito, he has struggled too much to be included on the roster.

Quotes from players:

Brian Wilson: “Not one single guy on team is a stud. We’ve got 25 guys dressing up and being a different hero each night.”

Cody Ross: “I checked into a hotel a few months ago and nobody asked for my autograph. I checked into a hotel a couple of days ago, the same hotel, and everyone’s asking for it…i embrace it. I enjoy it and I love it.”

Back in late march, i made a prediction via twitter that the giants would win the NL West. I did not even think beyond that…i just didn’t. Do I think they can win the World Series. Why not? They have great pitching, great defense, and clutch timely hitting. It’s not about who is a better team. Winning in the playoffs and World Series is about what team is playing better RIGHT NOW. They will have their hands full with The Rangers.

I’m thrilled for the Rangers who have never been to the post-season. It’s so great to see these no-name type teams get the attention they so deserve. Looking at the pictures from media day…these guys are BEAMING…like little kids. So excited. I hope they all have fun, enjoy the spotlight and soak it all in. Who knows when this opportunity will arise again. Good Luck to my beloved SF GIANTS.


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Road Trip

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One of the reasons I love to travel is because my senses come alive. It’s as if they have been dormant, piled under papers, dust, daily routines and the unfortunate monotony that can happen in life at any time. Its easy to think about Monotony as a “bad” thing…but I will refrain from judgement — it just is.
New places, streets, architecture, shops, city and town landcapes…all those things awaken the senses. Monday morning, I drove from the hotel about 5 miles into more “downtown” Lexington. I parked in a little neighborhood with some fantastic old homes. To me, these homes were a cross between New Orleans, Charleston and Georgetown…tall, somewhat narrow, brick, half porches, some w/ columns. Visually stunning to look at. So different from what I pass on my usual jaunt to the office or just riding around Atlanta.
While running, I noticed some of what I thought were homes were actually businesses: a yoga studio, a lawyers office, etc…

Down the block from where I parked was a little Wine + Market. White coffee cups & baskets of long, slender flour dusted baguettes enticing me through the window. I walked in & smiled at the european styled decor..the painted floor, the array of cheeses, a separate, darker room called the Wine Salon. Two large wooden farm-like tables were in both the wine salon and main room…more enticement to sit & stay awhile. And I did, but I was drawn to sit outside in the morning sun.

Since I was feeling all decadent, I opted for a fresh Chocolate Croissant & Cappuccino. Ahh….heavenly.

The whole experience unscripted, unplanned, spontaneous..spontaneously coming across places that awakened my senses!

Next was the 1.5 hour drive to Cincinnati. This route along HWY 75 from Lexington into Cincinnati has got to be one of the most beautiful stretches of land. Trees and trees for as far as the eye can see. Gorgeous ranges!

Flash forward to my evening and the main event: The SF Giants vs. Cincinnati at The Great American Ballpark.

A bit early…it did fill up a bit. I was still surprised there were not more people in attendance since Reds are doing well this year!

So, I drove from Atlanta to Cincinnati for a ballgame? Why, yes I did. I sure did. If you know me, you will now this is COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER for me. I enjoy taking road trips…it had just been awhile. It was a beautiful, clear, not too warm of an evening. I had a great seat in left field. Watched my favorite team beat a team that has been better all year than Giants have been….so worth it!! A great game and Giants won 6-5.

I had a long 8-9 hour drive back home on Tuesday, but i didn’t mind. As much time as i spend alone, THIS was different. Being in your car all by yourself for hours is really alone. Not much to distract you. It’s easy to get re-focused on what’s important, what you need, etc….and it was wonderful to remember that I don’t need much. Shorts, shoes, t-shirt, money for gas & some food and all is well. Oh, and maybe some extra dough to catch a ballgame.

Don’t miss out on anything. Do what you want to do. This is life, baby!!

gaining ground

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the face of a fighter

the face of a fighter

SF Giants are on a good roll, winning 3 games in a row against division rivals, LA and Colorado. They are fighting for their lives in the NL Wild Card Race. Zito was awesome again last night. His ERA vs. Colorado is some ridiculous low number. Way to go fellas! Keep it rolling. Keep fighting!


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Heavily involved in watching all the US Open tennis this week. Some great matches, huh! Local Kid, MELANIE OUDIN! She was on a fantastic roll and certainly brought more excitement to US Womens Tennis. Congrats to you kid, and HEY, NICE SHOES!


Saturday night rolled around an stayed up late watching the Serena vs Kim Clijsters match. Was very impressed with Clijsters! She played solid and I was rooting for her. Even before the Serena incident, i was thinking; “wow, she seems really pissed off out there” – Slamming her racquet, constantly talking to herself…i had never seen her like that before. Only comments i have on her behavior that ended the match is this: completely unprofessional and very disappointing. Beyond that, it really robbed the fans both in the stands and on tv a chance to see the match end organically, especially those waiting in all the rain delays. And most of all, it robbed Clijsters of the moment. She was playing fantastic and deserved a better end to the match. As I write this, Womens final is on ESPN2 (which i think is LAME) and I am rooting for Kim.

Watched some of the Federer/Djokovic match. Was flipping channels between that and the SF/LA Dodgers game. Thankfully SF won! I did happen to catch some great points in the tennis match, especially this one:


Phenomenal in-between-the-legs winner! Love Roger!!

OK. Now about the running. An OK week. Not great, but still getting some miles in. Highlight was Saturday long run. I switched it up from Sunday just for a change and to see if i would notice any difference. I found myself a little more excited to go out there, but it was still painful and long. 14 miles. was more humid than we have had lately. Went to silver comet trail. jeff met me at 4.2 mile marker and we ran together from there. Was good to have him there again after 2 weeks of him being gone on weekends. Thanks, Jeffro. I am still not where i need or want to be in terms of long run mileage or weekly mileage in preparation for this marathon. Talked a little to jeff about it. it’s just tough to get the miles in ya know. tough time wise and energy wise. I really need to go longer in the weekday runs if i expect more on the weekend. We’ll see what this week brings. Hope it is all good.

here’s a pic after the 14 miler on Saturday.


Sept 13: 5.1 miles – outside

Sept 12: 14 miles – outside, Silver Comet Trail

Sept 9: 5.0 miles – outside

Sept 8: 3.7 miles – outside

Week Total: 27.2

Have a great week everyone! Stay strong, Stay focused. Keep Dreaming!

take me out to the ballgame

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A good week of training last week. Cooler temps helped.

Buddy Jeff and I went to Atlanta Braves game vs. San Diego last Thursday. I had FREE tix. Awesome seats, 6 rows up from HOME PLATE. (would have been better if they were playing SF GIANTS, but hey, I’ll take it!) We also sat in 755 club and enjoyed some good pizza and watched the rain come down. Was actually very pretty watching the t-storm fall on the green infield and throughout the near empty stadium. Game was only delayed 30 minutes. Sitting so close was amazing. Being able to see the speed of the pitches, watching the players and all their idiosyncrasies (david eckstein) was VERY COOL. When sitting that close, I really got into watching some of the strategy involved. You don’t really see all the hand signals, player movements, etc when you are far away or on TV. Pretty Neat. Another highlight of the game was watching the group of 4 seated in front of us; mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and newborn baby; she was probably not more than 1 month old. let me tell you, Grandpa DID NOT LET THAT KID OUT OF HIS ARMS! It was very tender and touching to watch this big older man, in the latter stages of his life, holding onto and absolutely adoring this new life! It reminded me that older people really do look different than anyone else when they are watching or holding a new baby. Perhaps that is partly because they are on such opposite sides of life and in that little being they are not only able to reflect on their own life, but also marvel at what is in store for the little one. Maybe they are amazed that they were once THAT TINY, THAT YOUNG. There was absolute joy on grandpa’s face and I wish I would have captured it on film…there was a love affair happening of the best kind. The little girl could not have been more delicate, more beautiful. Caught her smiling a coupla of times and was hooked. All in all a great evening, relaxed and had fun with jeff.

Aug 30: am run: 13 miles outside, many HILLS, pm run: 2.5 miles treadmill

Aug 29: 5.10 miles, outside

Aug 27: 3.25 miles, treadmill

Aug 26: 3.75 miles, outside

Aug 25: 4 miles, outside

Weekly Total = 31.60

sweet redemption for a Giant

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Jonathan Sanchez had been SF Giants 5th starter. He was recently demoted to the bullpen cause he has been struggling. i was bummed to see it cause i really like him; got his autograph a few years ago when i watched SF play in Denver. Nevertheless, he was afforded a second chance to start when Randy Johnson went on the DL. Man, what a second chance. Dude goes out and throws a complete game no-hitter! WHAT!!! I watched the replays on ESPN this morning and got chills. So damn happy for the guy. Oh, to top it off, his dad flew in from Puerto Rico to watch his son start a game for first time. How sweet is that!

Can’t seem to paste a photo of it, uurrggh.
Check em out at

Go Giants!

What a Pitcher

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Tim Lincecum has thrown two complete games this year - an... (Michael Macor / The Chronicle)

Lincecum pitched another complete game last night against the A’s. He’s looking awesome. He is reigning NL CY Young Winner. Yeah, baby…Go Timmy!

the “freak” is back….oh yeah! Way to go Timmy!

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Significant night as S.F. throttles L.A.
Tim Lincecum struck out eight in seven-plus innings. He lost his bid for a shutout in the eighth. (Jeff Chiu / AP)
Tim Lincecum struck out eight in seven-plus innings. He l... (Jeff Chiu / AP)
Nice win against the “mighty” Dodgers.

Good Friday and 10 things i want to do over next 3 days

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  1. buy a new bike seat
  2. paint. art. not paint like paint house paint.
  3. bike. run. repeat.
  4. get work done at office
  5. finish taxes
  6. buy groceries
  7. watch some Masters
  8. watch, listen to baseball
  9. eat good chocolate
  10. kiss someone. maybe