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Week 6 Run Report

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Week 6 of running: hmmm…not so much running, as it turns out. I had been going non-stop since I got back to california and on Tuesday, Feb 7th, I was in the East Bay for an interview, the day before, I went for an good fast run in at the San Leandro Marina. Great memories there from Sept 2010 when I ran my 40 miles for my 40th birthday! Run felt great but then the next morning, as I was driving back to Petaluma after interview, I felt a sore throat coming on. And man, it came on strong! Full blown sore throat on Wednesday night. Felt better next day by midday; sore throat gone, but felt some other things coming on…achy, headache, etc…
Each day I woke up and could still feel something lingering. Tried to rest, but very difficult for me. So, I rested in between visiting with friends and applying for jobs. I felt good enough for a very solid 6 mile run on Saturday!
So, I oly ran 2 days for Week 6. Wish I could have run more and in hindsight maybe should nt have run at all cause I am still not 100%, but like I mentioned very hard for me to rest for days! I think I am now almost 100%!
I was looking at upcoming races and the Hollywood Half has peaked my interest! Early April! Will keep you posted on decision…

Until then, Onward!

Week 6: total approx miles 9.10

Roll Tide, Baby

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Such a pleasure driving my new wheels to Birmingham! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

“Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Racing is where I get mine” -John Trautman

Oh, uh..ok..this is a RACE REPORT!! Here I go…

I made the 2 hour-ish drive to b’ham Saturday afternoon. Had zero trouble on the roads after the serious snow we had in atlanta on Friday. The remnants made the drive all the more pretty. Upon arrival, went straight to the expo and got my race stuff; BIB# 2432, race tag/chip thing, a free race cap and picked up a couple more gels. I drove around a bit afterwards and checked out some of the course…was same course as last year. Checked into my hotel and then went to the local Starbucks for some writing/reading time. Had a very strange evening trying to find dinner but won’t even go into that story.

Race morning. Finally. I felt like my body really needed to run. I was so glad the day was finally here and I could go face the challenge. Temps were about 35 degrees, which is same as atlanta has been. I had on pants and a fleece top so i thought i might get warm, but i never did. My warm-up was hurrying to starting line. I made it with about 3 minutes to spare so i did a little stretching and we were off. I was in such a rush to leave hotel room that i forgot my iPod. Oh well. Might be nice to not have it, I thought. So, no iPOD and no water bottle; man, i felt NAKED. and FREE.

The race starts in downtown birmingham and the first 6 miles takes you on a course thru those streets. By mile 2 I could feel my body settle in and I had a feeling i might have a good day. I kept checking my Garmin watch for my mile splits and at mile 6, i was at 54:00 = 9:00/min/mile pace. I was psyched and I knew If i could keep it up i could have a good finish time. All I really wanted to do was be better than my results here in the past, which were 2:04, and 2:03. First 6 miles are nearly all completely flat. The next 7.1 have hills, so i wasn’t sure. I had to be careful not to run too fast and conk out, but also not be too conservative. I just kept focusing on one mile at a time and watching my splits. By mile 10, I was at 1:32 and I knew I was gonna finish well. only 3.1 more miles to go. I had one more hill and then it was flat home free. I was pushing, for sure. My right groin was starting to hurt & the left IT band area too. But, I just had to focus. I was so close. I’m not sure if it was because I had no music in my ears or what, but I was super focused. Felt awesome. I took my last swig of water at the last water stop/mile 12 and headed home. They called out my name as I came in and I crossed the finish line. THRILLED.


Best finish in a half-marathon distance since my very FIRST one in 1999. Who says you don’t get better with age? I missed a PR by 12 seconds. Crazy. So thrilled. On my way to breaking the 2 hour beast!

This has been one of my favorite races to do. 4 times now I have run. For the first time, however, the race t-shirt is not very good. oh well. a small concession, huh?! Another cool medal and another BIB # to add to the pile. What is a girl to do with all these BIB #’s? NOT THROWING THEM AWAY!

It’s always worth repeating; so thankful for my body. so appreciative. feeling strong and capable!

Thank you to the readers who give me so much support. Truly appreciate it.

What’s next?

Listen to your body. HA!

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“listen to your body!” yeah, whatever! what the hell does that mean anyway? If i listened to my body, i would be sleeping more, training less and eating more. Careful and tricky listening skills are required when one must “listen to their body”. if you are not careful, your mind and your body will go round after round and beat each other to a bloody pulp. I feel like that is what had happened to me. For whatever reasons, my body just has not been “feelin it” lately. As I so eloquently whined and moaned about it in my last post, my body had been tired/fatigued and there are a combination of reasons why. AND, for some reason, i feel like the physical stuff has been bleeding over into my mental state and waring me down. Well, let me tell you, i got wore down!
I did 3 short runs during the week with plans to do more on weekend although I wasn’t sure how i would feel since I had to take an insurance class Thurs-Sun all day! Mid-week runs felt ok, not great. Saturday ran after class in some pretty good heat of 90 degrees + humidity. I felt ok. Pace was actually pretty good, but I knew I still had a long one waiting for me the next day. I decided to do the Sunday run after class again. Still hot, (but a bit less) + humidity. During the first mile, it felt good to be outside and moving…especially after 4 days of feeling pretty cooped up! That feeling quickly faded! 3 miles into it and i knew it just wasn’t gonna happen. Quads felt very heavy. Tight. Mentally, physically, I just felt worn out. I stopped at 4 miles and had about 4 miles left to get back to my car. I figured it was a good opportunity to just walk and maybe sort some things out in my head (as long as i would not beat myself up to much!) I REALLY DON’T LIKE WALKING! I managed to walk for 10 minutes and then i started running again at a faster pace. I basically ran and walked back the rest of the 4 miles, more running than walking. I just had to be ok with it all.
So, where is my head at? Well, while walking, i decided that i would take a whole 3 days off! (i don’t even know last time that happened) No running for 3 days. Give my legs some time to refresh and try to cut myself some slack. In the back of my mind, I feel worried about the marathon because my overall mileage is not where it should be….but I also know that I don’t want to keep running the way that I have been as of late. My body and my mind need some down time. I will still do some core work and a little weights, but that’s it. Oh, and take some dips in the pool too.
Even having said all the above, it’s not easy to take days off. Today, is ok because this is a normal “rest” day. But tomorrow, i know I will see others running and sweating along the roads with their iPods and I will be jealous. But, I am experienced enough to know that sometimes, you JUST CANNOT PUSH/CANNOT FORCE. Gotta leave it alone for a bit.

Here’s a quote that seems appropriate: ” during the hard training phase, never be afraid to take a day off. If your legs are feeling unduly stiff and sore, rest; if you are at all sluggish, rest; in fact, if in doubt, rest.” – bruce fordyce

Aug 16: 8 miles – (4 run, 4 run/walk) outside, hills
Aug 15: 4.6 miles outside, hills
Aug 13: 3.1 miles – treadmill,
Aug 12: 4 miles – outside, hills
Aug 11: 3.5 miles – treadmill