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Turkey Trotting

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Opted to run the local “Turkey Trot” run in town on Thanksgiving. I ran this for the 1st time 2 years ago. It’s totally informal; no registration fees, no t-shirts…just a bunch of people gathering at a local park and going for either a 4 or 6 mile walk or run. In lieu of fees, we were to bring food items for donation to a local food bank. It was great to see more people out versus 2 years ago and to see lots of food donated!!


In addition to the holiday spirit, I wanted to do this run because it’s basically a loop I have been doing sporadically through my training. 1 mile of gradual uphill pavement into Helen Putnam Park, continue with 1 more mile of gradual-steep uphill thru the park, next 2 miles are varied up/down on wide then narrow trails; mile 4-5 is narrow flat, curvy trail and 6 is all downhill to the finish. I started with the first group (staggered start) and am happy to report there were probably only a few people in the 6 mile group that passed me. It was nice to see this as it reflects on my progress and its validating. I didn’t push hard as its too close to my race, so that’s also comforting to know. About 1500 ft total elevation.

Today, 2 days post-thanksgiving, I ran that same 6 mile loop. Slower, more deliberate, easy…it was a light drizzle at the start, not cold at all. As I my feet went further and further, the rain came down a little bit harder, but nothing dramatic. Lots of puddles along the trail and some splashes on my shoes. The early morning fog still lingered off in the distance. I wished I didn’t wear glasses on runs like this…would love to just feel the water all over my face….I love it all; the wetness, the cool Refreshing air, the eerily beautiful quiet. Ahhh….all the things I would miss if i couldn’t be OUTSIDE. Quite Thankful, indeed! So many things…my health, being able to be outside, to have all my senses working….may we not take anything for granted!




Stuffed Bags

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We raised approximately $3000 for the My Stuff Bags Foundation. Each bag they stuff for a kid is valued at approx $25, therefore we helped stuff 120 bags. That’s one bag each for 120 kids. We did that…all of us. I hope you can take a moment to reflect and imagine a little kid who might feel alone and confused and….they receive a bag of items they need and other items that are just pretty cool to have….and they will feel that someone does care…that they are maybe not so alone.

Thank you to all of you who donated thru raffle tickets, Peeps shirts or direct donations. Every dollar does count. I am proud to have raised money for such a worthy cause. Thank you for being part of the journey.

My Stuff Bags Foundation

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On Your Left

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Since I have invaded her shoe space, why not her running space and blog as well?

I came to Atlanta to rally with Angie in her 40 mile mission which we kicked of at the raffle party at Carpe Diem.

It was fantastic and she raised over $900 for the My Stuff Bags Foundation. I was awestruck by the amount of love and support surrounding Angie.  However, it wasn’t until today (her weekly big run day) that I realized what a feat this truly is.

By no means am I a runner.  I am very active, but I have no concept of what constitutes a mile.  I am the type to hop in the kayak, on my mountain bike, or skates and go until I feel like stopping or find something to explore.  I just go with no real goal in mind.  Not the case with Angie.

We arrived at the trail head and she said, I will run 10 miles.  I said, Cool!  Sounds fun to me.  Off we went and within a matter of seconds I was over it!  Run?  Me? NO WAY.  I am not a runner.  I watched her as she raced on towards her goal.  A bright orange and red blur running with confidence.

I suddenly felt like I had to move.  Something in me was not about to stop.  Here was this woman who has overcome so many odds running like nothing mattered but the goal ahead of her.  So I ran, or I tried my best anyway.

Every excuse in the book came flooding into my head.  Here are a few because it was really pretty pitiful! 1. I forgot my ipod. 2. That kid just passed me.  3.  My knee will hurt. 4. Who says I have to run? 5. How far is a mile anyway?

With no music, I was tuned into my surroundings.  I kept hearing ON YOUR LEFT.  Of course that got me singing…To the left, to the left…

Just as I thought I was going to fall over and die, I saw it.  It was the sign that made all the difference.  It said 2.6 miles.

Wow, I had gone that far!  Only problem now was that I had to get back to the beginning.  I turned around with even more excitement at the thought of being able to say how far I had gone.  Suddenly, I had A GOAL!  5.2 miles!  My first running goal.  There it was.  Humbled, in pain, tired, and overwhelmed with joy I made it.

It didn’t matter that I was being passed by kids or that I had no music.  I made my own.  I found my goal.  Angie told me to find my rhythm and I had.  It went something like on your left, on your left.

ME: 5.2 miles

Angie: 10 miles

Coming to Atlanta to run with a goal: worth every mile.


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I’ve been reaching out to a few companies and telling them about my run. I have not asked for any monetary donations for myself or the charity I am raising money for, but products to help with the training. I figured if anyone responded at all, I would be grateful & surprised. I’m blown away at the response of even a few…

Nathan Sports was gracious enough to allow me to pick a pack from their website. Here’s what I chose:

This is called their “Trail Mix” pack.  I love the mesh pocket on the front to hold my key(s) & GU Gels. As you can see, this belt has 2 flasks, perfect for runs of about 8-12 miles. If I have access to more H2O along the routes, I can replenish, but if not, I have to wear something else to carry more H2O.  If you want to check their website out to see more of their products, go to

The other company who has responded is GU ENERGY.  My contact there sent me an email saying he would send me a care package. Here’s what arrived:

In the care package was 2 big containers of their recovery drinks, a HUGE bag filled with a variety of flavors of GU GELS, and a box full of GU CHOMPS (bite sized energy gels). I almost fell over in shock when I opened the box. Seriously. I am excited to try their recovery drink as it is not one I have tried before. All of these products are going to help as I train for this 40 mile run. To see more of GU products, go to

It means so much to me that these companies have responded – especially since they are not HUGE companies with big budgets, etc..

Also, some donations are starting to flow in for the MY STUFF BAGS FOUNDATION. I’m delighted & thrilled to try to raise money for the foundation, the kids…please help if you have the means to do so. See CHARITY PAGE at right side of page for more info.

Thanks to all who read, support, & cheer me on. It means more to me than I can ever possibly express.

Follow your dreams. Make a difference.

Bags full of difference!

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As part of my 40 mile run on my 40th Birthday, I’ve decided to raise money for a charity called MY STUFF BAGS.

I have spent weeks thinking about and researching what charity to focus on and was feeling overwhelmed at the enormous amount of need that exists in our world, in our country, and in our own neighborhoods. I wish I could raise money for hundreds of charities!!!

When I found I was immediately touched by their story. It’s a very small organization that uses it’s donations and resources to focus on helping children who have been abused and/or neglected.

My hope is that you will visit their website and choose to contribute to their efforts on my behalf. My hope is that thru this 40 mile run, we can raise awareness to their cause so that they can continue to serve children and that their doors never close.

In terms of donations, I know its easier for everyone these days to donate online, but my preference would be for you to make checks payable to the foundation: MY STUFF BAGS FOUNDATION and mail to me. I will then mail checks to the foundation directly. This is the easiest way for me to be able to keep track. If you choose to donate online, go to their website and see DONATE button. In the comment field, put “For Funtanilla 40 mile Run” in the comment section. This will allow them to track donations for me.

If you need my mailing address, send me an email at

Thank you for reading and for the support! It means the world!!


run for money – sorta

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Tomorrow, June 3rd, is National Running Day. For every MILE YOU RUN, i will donate $1 to charity. Must send me photo as proof along with your stats. Let’s make a difference!


May 31: am run = 5 miles, pm run = 3 miles – both on treadmill

May 30: 2.5 mile run, 3.5 mile run/walk (still suffering post blood donation!) – outside

May 29: 11 mile Bike Ride

May 27: 3.10 miles – treadmill

Most of these runs were all tough. I was still experiencing difficulty from the blood donation. I spoke to a friend in medical field and she was not surprised. Plus, me being a small person adds extra strain after the blood/hemoglobin loss. 

Ran a short 3 after work today in the near 90 degree hit and felt better than I have in since the donation about 12 days ago. Sheesh! Hopefully I am on the upswing!