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Weeks 16, 17

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Week 16
April 17: 5×400; paces were; 1:51, 1:51, 1:40, 1:49, 1:36 – done on the street
April 18: 3 mile tempo run (easy); pace was 8:27/per mile
April 19: Strength Train
April 21: 4 mile run; pace was 8:45/per mile

During the week, I skipped one of the 3 mile tempo runs as my body was pretty sore/tired from the trail race over the weekend. Even so, I felt the 5×400 intervals went well. The 4 mile run was where i fell short. The longer run of the week for Nike Training Program is on Saturday and for April 21st run, I was to do 6 miles, flat/fast with 2 pick ups at 8 min/mile pace for 10 minutes each.
I hate to say it, but I am just not able to do that yet. I tried, but i can only sustain that 8 minute pace for maybe 8 min/1 mile as oppossed to 2 intervals of 10 minutes each. THAT IS FREAKING HARD FOR ME. So, I have to learn to adjust and do what I can. My legs felt very heavy and it was pretty warm when I ran, so this also impacted me. So, i was not too happy after this run. But, it all continues to be a learning experience.

Weeek 17

April 24th: 2.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:47/mile
April 25th: Strength train
April 26th: 2.5 mile tempo run. Pace was 8:34/mile
April 27th: Strenght train
April 28th: 4 mile run. Pace was 9:01/mile

I’ve gotten the training program kinda down now in terms of how it works. 2 tempo runs during week, with the goal being to beat the time of the 1st run on the following run. I feel good when I accomplish that, like this week! The 4 mile pace was also ok. Was suppossed to “comfortable pace”.

The strength training part is a challenge because I don’t yet belong to a gym and so I have been “creative” in doing the assigned exercises. I will tell you that I am doing more lunges and squats than I have ever done in my life. Hell—I NEVER even did these things before…and they make you SUPER FREAKING SORE!!! But, they also MAKE YOU STRONG!!


hey little butterfly

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Did some short, high intensity workouts during the week on Wednesday & Thursday. Wednesday was treadmill + weights. Thursday was sprint hill repeats outside. The Hill sprints were also on a day when it was about 88 degrees, so i am especially pleased with that workout. I want to be faster. Bottom Line. Faster on flats, faster on hills.

Saturday – ran 3 miles at 8:43 pace. flat and some small up/down areas

Sunday – went back to Kennesaw and ran same 5 mile route I ran last weekend with Jeff. I pushed the entire way. Didn’t stop at all. (last week, i stopped about 2-3 times). My time was a full 3 minutes faster than last week. THRILLED. There was low humidity yesterday so that definitely helped! Those 5 miles are no joke.

I felt happy and free and had fun. I wasn’t smiling or nothin’, but i was happy inside. A runners happiness. You know what I’m talkin about…

I’m glad to see some of my different workouts paying off.

I had been thinking of going out to Bay Area to run Double Dipsea on June 26th…but flights are over $400. yikes. I might just take the $ and buy a new SUUNTO watch I have my eye on…

Lastly, I saw a very beautiful blue and black butterfly while I was on the trail. At one point, it was right on front of me, weaving right and left…as if it were my guide…

Cheers —