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Do I Even Remember the Week?

Posted in motivation, random, road with tags , , , , , , , on October 5, 2009 by afuntanilla

Man, i need to take notes or something. I feel like by the time Sunday rolls around, I have a hard time remembering the last week. Anyone else feel that way?

Let’s see, I remember being sore the day after my 16+ miler. I also ran 2 days during the week. Other than that, it’s kinda blurry except for one notable thing that happened: i lost someone.

No, not lost as in DIED, but lost as in someone moved away. Who? He was someone at work. He was kinda like my direct “boss”, but really he was more like a mentor to me. And just a really good guy! In my profession, it is so beneficial to have a mentor, to have a “coach”, someone who can kick your butt, challenge you, support you, and cheer for you. He did all of this for me and for many others in our office, but I think over the past 2 years he and i had developed a deeper bond. He gave me a really tough time. And I loved it. His motivational/coaching style was a perfect fit for me. He was NOT AT ALL a touchy-feely person (I am) and so that was an interesting dynamic in itself. Before he came to our office, I knew I could be successful, but he made me believe it even more. He challenged me every day and some days I would get pretty irritated with him, but inside, I was thankful. Thankful that he cared enough to keep pushing me.

Last Friday, we were all called in for a lunch meeting and the announcement was that he had received a promotion and would be leaving at the end of the day. Of course, i knew someone in his position would not be there forever and of course, I am happy for his own success, but selfishly, I was pretty sad. But, he definitely laid a lot of ground work for me and his eyes, his voice and his mannerisms will be with me every day. We had our good-bye moment near the end of they day and tears flooded my eyes. I thought maybe i saw i gleam in his too. Maybe…

I walked out the doors and let myself cry. Thanks, MH. I will miss you and yep, i am gonna keep pushing!

Oct 4: 8 miles – outside

Oct 1: 5.57 miles – outside

Sept 29: 3.2 miles – outside

A very lite week of running. Was feeling under the weather all weekend. Can’t believe I ran 8 today. I’m not worried about the race. I just want to go run. I miss being at a race. Last race i did was was a 5k back in May!

Hope everyone is getting some good workouts & races in!