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listening and letting go

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The training week — a lot less mileage than I “should’ve” run…my body needed it.

Monday: 2.5 mile walk

Tuesday: 3 miles Treadmill – 9:05 pace

Friday: 3 mile run outside w/ hills – 9:41 pace; 1.47 mile walk

Saturday: 14 mile run outside – 10:10 pace; 1.47 mile walk

Sunday: 4 miles Treadmill – 9:31 pace

Partly deliberate and partly due to work schedule, I didn’t run as much as i “should’ve”. I put this in quotations because as many training programs as I have followed in the past, I’ve learned that you REALLY DO have to listen to your body. My legs were feeling pretty beat so I ran lower miles during the week and took 2 days off in a row. I think being a runner for so long now, I have (hopefully) learned a  bit more of when to PUSH and when to REST. By no means, do i have this figured out…but, I am learning. 🙂

I would like to say that the strategy during the week made the long run on Saturday that much better, but it didn’t. And that’s ok. I decided to switch things up and run long on Saturday and “play it by ear” on Sunday. I also wanted to go back into SF and run part of the marathon course. So, I rose early on Saturday and after a quick cup of Peets Coffee, I drove into the city and watched the sunrise as i zoomed down HWY 101 on quiet morning. I parked in Golden Gate Park and off I went. I think i started around the 14 mile mark for the marathon. I didn’t follow the course exactly, but pretty close. As I ran along, I thought perhaps this could help me mentally as I will know and learn this part of the course, the back half of the course, and come race day, perhaps I will be able to push a bit more! That’s the goal. I ran about 4 – 5 miles through the park and then hit the Great Highway stretch. To be honest, around mile 3-4, my thoughts were these:

man, why i am not feeling “fresher?” why are my legs still feeling tired? maybe i should just stop. just stop all together. i mean not run the marathon. just take a break. maybe my body needs it. maybe. maybe just focus on the next mile. 

So, there you have it. Honesty. Before I knew it, I was at mile 10 and thoroughly in a zone and feeling free. These thoughts do creep up for me. And, I think, like anything else, when they happen, I just have to let them be…give them space…and NOTHING ELSE. And because I was able to do that at this particular time, I just kept on and soon forgot about it all. I guess that’s “letting go”. The cool thing is that i didn’t spend a whole lot of mental energy here…i didn’t have to tell myself to “keep pushing” or anything like that….after I said to myself to just focus on the next mile, i think i really just let go…

And, to be honest, i think it DID help to be running a different route. Right when I was kinda going thru this, I had turned onto the Great Highway with the Pacific Ocean right there and the healing, restorative power of the water. I ran along and then up and over to Lake Merced. Ran around the full lake, which will be different on race day. This year, they have us run half the lake and then back the same way. Anyways, pretty soon, I was done. 14 miles strong in the bank. I walked about 1.5 miles back to my car and immediately drove back to the beach. I went in, waist deep, and had my own personal “ice bath”. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Of course, there were a few moments of shock from the cold, but then, it felt great. I just stood there basically for 10 minutes and watched the waves come and go…gently crashing into me and my quads. As opposed to last weekend, the sun was out a bit and temps were again pleasant and no wind. Awesome.

Sunday: I wasn’t sure what the running plan for sunday would be. I woke up and was sore. Had a nice morning and just sort of went about my day. Around 2pm, I decided I would go for about 4 miles at the gym. So, I did. Felt much better than i anticipated and I 100% credit the “ice bath”. Dear Pacific, you will see me again, soon! 🙂

Dear reader friends: remember to be gentle with yourselves. Listen. Let go.




let’s break it down

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Alright, lemme break it down for you. First, let me mention that I trained the least for this marathon compared to all other 5 run before. What that basically means is that I logged less miles over the specific training cycle. Normally, I get in at least one 18 miler and one 20 miler before tapering. This time, my long run was 16.25 and I felt that this alone could really hurt my race outcome.

Heading into the final 2 weeks of the race I was run down, traveling, and basically feeling like I wasn’t even sure I would finish the darn race. So, I really did not know what to expect from my body. Mentally, I was feeling so much better than a month or so ago so i was super thrilled with that part, but physically I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As  you might have read though in the earlier post, when I woke up on race day, I KNEW I was ready and I knew I would have a good day. Here are the mile breakdowns:

Mile 1: 8:45

Mile 2: 9:43

Mile 3: 9:41

Mile 4: 10:03

Mile 5: 9:31

Mile 6: 10:23

Mile 7: 11:00

Mile 8: 9:23

Mile 9: 10:29

Mile 10: 10:26

Mile 11: 9:47

Mile 12: 10:04

Mile 13: 11:17

Mile 14: 9:46

Mile 15: 9:58

Mile 16: 10:00

Mile 17: 9:40

Mile 18: 10:32

Mile 19: 10:21

Mile 20: 10:05

Mile 21: 10:13

Mile 22: 9:54

Mile 23: 10:22

Mile 24: 10:10

Mile 25: 10:17

Mile 26 + .2 = 12:44

OK. Here is where it gets tricky on my “official” time. I was wearing my Garmin, which is where I got my mile splits from, however, i noticed my mile markers on Garmin did not match up with race mile markers. Usually not a big deal because often it is pretty close. But, it was not close this time. When I completed the race, my watch read: 26.61 miles, 4:28:01. So that is .4 more than official race of 26.2. When i looked at my watch for 26.2, I was at 4:24. My RACE CHIP time was 4:28:10. Hmmm…what to do? Well, considering my Garmin has been off before, but never by that far of distance, i’m gonna split the difference and say I finished in 4:26. How does that sound? Fair?

In my age group Female 35-39, there were 742 runners. I was #171 out of 742. Not bad.

I’m cool with it! Like I said, a few days before the race i wasn’t even sure i would be able to finish. Comparing this time of 4:26 to my best of 4:19 is interesting. I trained less and didn’t fare too much worse. I wonder what i could have done had I got more miles in….lots of info to consider going forward. I did notice that for rest of day and next day, I felt the best I had ever felt after a marathon. I wasn’t nearly as sore or as fatigued. And I almost want to whisper this, but it kinda “felt easy”. Maybe it’s because I was “home” and feeling so awesome and loved. Maybe it was because it wasn’t in the damn heat and humidity of the south. Maybe it was all the Peets coffee. Maybe it was the Pacific Ocean breeze. Maybe it was “Rocky” on the iPod. Or maybe…it was just one of those days.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for cheering. Thanks for the support. Means more than I can say!!


pre-race thoughts

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This is just the first part of the race experience. Saturday morning I went over to the Nike SF Womens Marathon Expo which took place in Union Square. This was about a 5 minute walk from my hotel. Perfect! The streets were already abuzz with a ton of people going all over the place. On a morning like like this one, where there the masses where out and about, it was hard to feel like we still are in a recession. I felt the same way in NYC.

I went into actual expo tent and got my bag, bib# and other stuff they toss in there. Unfortunately, there was no real good race “Schwag” stuff. I was REALLY surprised they didn’t have any gels except for some Luna Gels of some kind. Kinda like Clif Shot Bloks. I would spend some of the afternoon looking for gels which are extremely hard to find in downtown SF. Before I left expo i found out that if you wanted to take a shuttle from the finish back to the start location, the price was $10. WTF? I have NEVER paid for race transportation before. I thought THAT SUCKED. Nevertheless, I reluctantly handed over my $10 and got a sticker on my bid that was “proof” to be allowed on the shuttle. Oh well.

I crossed the street and went over to NIKETOWN! WOW. Absolute madness! 4 floors, at least, of excited and crazed women checking out all the race clothing, gear, etc.. I was truly bummed that I didn’t like any of the clothing. Everything had the same logo and print on it whether it was a shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie/cap etc..and this included a logo/print w/ FLOWERS on it. Now I have nothing against flowers, but in case you haven’t already figured, I’m not really a floral print kind of girl! I was disappointed because I wanted an article of clothing beyond the Race official tee. Oh well. Moving on. Needless to say, the atmosphere was truly ELECTRIC! It was a beautiful clear day and everyone was smiling, taking photos, and getting ready for their big adventure.

Outside of Niketown, on one of the walls of the building, there was something like a wrap/mural. It was actually part of the wall and it had the names of all the race participants. How freaking cool is that? People were looking for their names and taking subsequent photos. I found mine and have a pic to post later. I cannot post any pics from my camera until i get home and upload them. I thought this wall “mural” was fabulous! Nike does it again! That made up for me not too enthralled with the clothing part! 🙂

Believe it or not, I was still not feeling to well. I kept taking the Emergen-C, took a nap and later met up with 2 wonderful friends for dinner. We ate at a one of our favorite neighborhood joints(in Potrero Hill) called Aperto. A wonderful evening filled with lots of laughter. Isn’t it wonderful when you can re-connect with friends you haven’t see in ages and it’s like no time has passed?!

Stay Tuned. Race details tomorrow!

status update

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hey all. made it to SF yesterday after long week in NJ for work. Been feeling run down and worn out and on verge of sickness for about 2 weeks. EXACTLY how i want to feel before race day tomorrow. LOL

I’m just taking it all in stride. I’m actually in great spirits…being here in my hometown, seeing friends and just glad to finally get to the starting line! Feels like i’ve been writing about this training period FOREVER! I’m gonna drive some of the course today even though i know the route. Also gonna go to the expo and get all my stuff! Hope they have some good SCHWAG. What’s a race without it, right? Weather is gorgeous. Clear as can be today and yesterday!

I know I will have to push tomorrow. I’m ready to do it!