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Miles and a few Acre’s

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Last weekend, I was able to spend a long weekend in the SF Bay Area. If you have followed any of my recent posts, then you will understand when i say it was a much needed break and get-a-way. While on the trip, I was able to run 3 days in a row, which was awesome. No run was over 5 miles, but all were good quality and fun.

Saturday morning, I dragged Alec out. I stayed at his place in SF, and after morning coffee, we went and parked near Kezar Stadium/Golden Gate Park. I wanted to run in the park and end the run in the stadium. We got out of car and went on our separate ways. Alec said he would just walk since he had not run since the 10k in Half Moon Bay on 9/25. I went on my way through GG park. It was a beautiful morning and lots of runners were out taking advantage of such a gorgeous place. I miss running there…such a gorgeous oasis. After 3.25 miles, I was back at Kezar. Another one of my favorite places to run. An open stadium that always inspires and challenges me. Pushes me harder. I decided to run 10 minutes of all stairs. Ran one side of the stadium and then the other side. Then, back to the 1st side one more time. Legs were pushed! Heart was beating fast. Loved it! THAT is my juice. Absolutely.
Oh, before I started at the stadium, I saw Alec. He was running. Yep. Mr. “i’ll just walk” was running and he seemed to be having a good time. yep. Mr. “why do we have to go” was having fun! Alec snapped these pictures. A great start to our Saturday.

Sunday morning, we were in Petaluma. I snuck out early for a run with a friend over at Shollenberger Park. It’s an awesome 2 mile flat loop around a marsh. Such a quiet, beautiful morning. I was a little hesitant to meet there…thinking maybe I wanted to just run through the quiet, quaint streets of Petaluma, but it ended up being perfect. We ran mostly together for the first loop. I hadn’t run with anyone in a long time and it was fun. Fun to talk and then just be quiet and only hear our feet as they made crunchy sounds on the path below us and our steady breathing as runners doing our thing. Awesome. I went for a second loop alone and enjoyed that as well. We sat for a few minutes afterwards and just watched the nature around us. I needed to just sit for a few. To be reminded of the simple. the steady. the things in nature that JUST ARE. There is no judgement, no stress. Just existence. Simply beautiful. We even saw a hawk.
I was able to go for one more run Monday afternoon. I ran from Holly’s place and took a round about way into downtown Petaluma. I do love running there. Streets are so quiet, pretty, not much traffic. Had a little bit of downhill to start and so i knew i’d have some uphill on way back. By the time this run came around, my body was tired. Had gotten little sleep on trip and had drank some. Not much, but back to back nights of drinking + no sleep = tired body. I thought of ending the run at the BOTTOM of the .5 mile hill back up to Holly’s house. Then, I thought of how absolutely wimpy that would be, so I put my head down and pumped the legs and my arms. The first 3/4 of the hill is a good gradual uphill that keep increasing in steepness. Then, there’s a turn and the last 1/4 of the hill is just brutal. Nothing but a lung bursting, quad busting, heart burning kind of hill. An awesome way to finish.

In between great visits with friends, I took a stroll along one of my old favorite neighborhoods in Santa Rosa. I wanted to see if the Gingko leaves had fallen yet. Most of the trees were still full. I was slightly bummed.

Not nearly enough leaves for me to shuffle through…..

I also had some coffee while I was away. And, I hate to admit it, but I cheated on Peet’s more than once. I did have Peet’s in SF, but when we went to Petaluma, I ventured out. I have a few reasons for this; the Peet’s in Petaluma is probably one of the ONLY locations I do not like. The place does not have good energy and it is not comfortable to sit there. A big bummer! Also, i had heard about a new coffee place right in downtown called Acre. So, of course, i had to go and see what the hoopla was about and see if it met my particular standards. HA.

So. What was the verdict of Acre? Loved it. It has light wood colors inside and feels soft. The music playing all 3 times I was there was on the quieter side. They have ample seating, even one long “family style” table. Each individual table has a little lamp. Get this? There is a typewriter. Yes, an honest to god old typewriter that anyone can use. Pretty cool. I even used it. So, I give it an A on the Atmosphere.
The coffee? My first taste was a purchased for me small cappuccino. It was the perfect size and very good. Not too much milk, which is as it should be. My second taste was regular coffee. It was good, not as strong as I usually prefer, but still a good cup of java.
I went back on another day for another cappuccino because I wanted it in a “for here” mug. For some reason, it was not as good as the day before, so that was kinda disappointing. Maybe it was me and my taste buds or maybe some inconsistency. Guess I will just have to keep going back.

Today, I ran for 1st time in 6 days. Hadn’t run since last Monday due to the traveling back to ATL, catching up, and then feeling sick since Friday morning. Ran 4 miles today even though still a lil sick. But, what is it that they say?
Oh yeah, “in sickness and in health”

Keep Movin’


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Looking out my window, there is still morning darkness. It rained a bit in the night and seems like there are still some drops falling. I hear the remnants of the rain as the cars whoosh by in the distance. I see a lot of vehicles on the road already and am so curious as to where they are going. What does their day have in store for them? As I write, I am enjoying a lovely cup of Peets Coffee (of course) The blend is a new, limited offering of Sumatra Blue Batak. I prepared it via French Press, my new preferred method when in my abode. I wish I could describe the flavors in a way the “experts” do. I was able to offer those kind of descriptions with wine when i worked in that industry, but I haven’t ever really gotten the descriptions down on the coffee front. Hmmm… Let me have another taste and try again…nope, can’t do it. All i can tell you is it is good. And different from other Peets coffees. this I can tell.

I’m sipping from one of my small mugs. It says “DREAM”


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Thursday – arrived into LA & drove straight to lunch at Urth Cafe. On to Peets on Sunset Blvd & then to hotel in Studio City/NBC Universal.  After check in process, etc…got my bearings, slipped on shorts, &  shoes and headed out the door. A short 3-3.5 miles from hotel through the neighborhood. Finished at a small park with towering Eucalyptus trees & some people practicing some kind of martial art on the greens. At approx 4pm, it was a very comfortable & refreshing 70 degrees.  It was not easy to go from about 7 hours of total travel time to hitting the ground running, but I had to get started. On route back to hotel, I ran up the incredibly steep hill that lead to front of hotel.

Friday – awake by 7am and in the hotel lobby for a very expensive $3.00 mediocre coffee! Drank half of it along w/ my Clif Bar. Went back up to room, changed & hit the pavement for another 6 miles, culminating with that damn hill leading to hotel. (I mapped the hill portion; .37 of a mile)  I would have loved to have run somewhere else..perhaps one of the many places that Josh mentions in his blog, but I just did not have time. Most of the short route was run along Ventura  Blvd, where I luckily located a Peets Coffee to hit post-run. After dragging my 2 friends/ travel partners to Peets in Studio City, I was on Hwy 101 for my jaunt up to Santa Barbara. The drive was a swift 1.5 hours north to the local airport where I picked up my best friend who had just flown in from San Francisco. A massive infusion of a bunch a good stuff in seeing her; humor, spiritual -realness connection, friendship of 18 years connection. I was so glad to see and to spend a little time together among the beauty of the Santa Barbara shoreline. Our hotel was literally across the street from the beach. Woke up Saturday & Sunday mornings and sipped coffee while looking out at the Pacific Ocean. The cool air refreshed my body, my spirit.  Saturday night, we had a delicious Lobster tail dinner.  We dined outside as the sun was setting, slight breeze off the water, and the intermittent faint sounds of the docked boats in the harbor. ahhh…i could definitely put that evening on repeat, repeat….

View from hotel

Back track to Saturday morning. I only was able to get in another 4 mile run. Afterwards, I had to head back to LA for an event.

Sunday morning was my long run, almost exclusively along the Santa Barabara Shoreline and then the tail end of it into downtown. Running parallel to the water on a quiet Sunday morning. Ahhhh….HEAVEN!!!!! What more can i say. I needed to see the water. I am not one who likes beaches for the purpose of going and laying out in the sun. For me, the water  is essential for grounding, for quieting, for healing. And for Hope. I always find some measure of Hope in just being near and watching the water.  Hope for what? Nothing in particular, and everything in general. ..hope for practicing non-attachment and hope for a better  existence for all those who suffer. Hope for my ability to be a good friend, a solid listener & hope for better education and greater compassion from us all.  As I ran alongside the shoreline these were some of the thoughts as i took my breath in the unbelieveable 60 degree temperatures. With the running, I felt rejuvented physically & mentally . It’s amazing how much of a MENTAL drain running in the stifling heat can be…It’s easy to notice the physical drain, but the mental drain is much more evident when going from one climate to another. Anyways. I ran a very solid 12 miles and felt like I had more in me, but had to stop and get on with the day.




Me & Best Friend, Holly

Sunday Morning – ahhh–

We went for a wonderful breakfast at a cafe. Incredible sunflower wheat toast with 2 poached eggs. Yummy. I never get poached eggs! Then, off to drop friend off at airport and i made my way down to Santa Monica and LA. I specifically went to Santa Monica simply to visit the K-Swiss store and pick up a new pair of shoes. I got another pair of the K-Onas. This is my 4th shoe of this same type. Enough said. The only bummer was that I had to get a color I already had as the other 2 options were sold out in my size!

While in the store, I spoke at length to Michael, who was helping me. He is training for Malibu Tri and we got to talking about training & nutrition etc…I just love that…swapping stories.  Also, while I was there, another K-Swiss employee showed up, Joe. He had actually  helped me when i visited the store back in March for LA Marathon. He remembered me and asked me how the race went…how cool is that? The three of us talked for a bit; i shared with them my 40 mile run plan and they gave me a 15% discount on my purchase. I was thrilled!!  To be able to share about your passion with like-minded others is priceless. Thank you Joe and Michael and K-Swiss!

( i will most likely be purchasing the other color i wanted via online…i will need it with all these miles)

Earlier in the day, I had initial hopes of getting in a second run even if it was just 3 miles, but I just could not fit it in…however, all in all, I am really happy with the running I did get in on this trip.

Train hard, train smart and as K-Swiss says, “Have an Awesome Day!”

west coast leaning…

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Went to my home state of California last Thursday-Sunday for a little bit of business and even more fun/vacation time. I spent time in Los Angeles & Santa Monica. I had really been looking forward to the trip. I had been needing a change of scenery and also, I wanted to see what the hell all the LA buzz was all about as I know of 3 different sets of people who have moved there within the last year. What gives? The only time I had ever spent in that area was very brief back in 1996,  so i was curious to see what I would find.

It definitely did not disappoint. My first night I stayed at a hotel in W. Hollywood called THE STANDARD. Overall, pretty cool. Cool room, lobby, pool….but it was also nothing very fancy. Great neighborhood for me to be in…Peets coffee less than 1/2 mile away. i was a HAPPY girl!! Met up with some clients and took them to dinner at The PALM. Great restaurant/great service. There is actually one of these restaurants in Atlanta, but I have never been.

Friday woke up, enjoyed some Peets while delighting in the cool temps and overcast skies to start the day. Soon, I was out the door and running a zig zag type route through W. Hollywood and into Beverly Hills and back. 5 good miles. Can i tell you how FREAKING EASIER IT WAS TO RUN in that kind of weather in the middle of summer! YAY!

After getting cleaned up, I asked the helpful valet guys for a breakfast recommendation in Los Feliz neighborhood. They gave me a name which i promptly forgot, but then found a place called FIGARO. And man, am i glad I went there. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. One of the best breakfast meals I’ve ever had. French Toast on some small pieces of bread w/ wonderful flavors mixed on top w/ cinnamon & real whipped cream on the side. Strawberries. Scrambled eggs w/ some sort of spicy potatoes. And a double cappuccino in a BOWL. ALL TO DIE FOR. Adding to the food was the ambience; very french…all the decor was actually brought in from Paris(was told this by waiter). Wonderful, beautiful establishment and a place often frequented by Katherine Heigl (damnit! i missed her!)
I was in some true la la land by the time I finished! Afterwards, I made my second driving jaunt up on Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon. Awesome! Great views of the city. Reminded me a lot of the Oakland Hills with all the windy streets and cool homes. I got out of the car several times just to look around and take it all in.
Soon enough, I made my way to Santa Monica. Stayed at a fancy place called THE VICEROY about 1 block from the beach. I would highly recommend. Great service. Very nice accommodations. Early evening, some friends came by and we had happy hour and then went to dinner nearby. A wonderful evening topped off by dessert back at the hotel; cookies and ice milk. not sure what kind of cookies they were, but we only had 3…one each and i savored every last crumb of mine. WOW! It was great to see & visit with friends again and it would continue the next night.
Saturday woke up and found another Peets nearby. YAY! I could move there for PEETS alone! (maybe) Same drill; came back to hotel, changed and went running. Ran a solid 6 on Ocean Ave and then up into some neighborhoods and back to hotel. It was about 730-8am when i started and there were tons of people out already. Walking, rollerblading, running…i loved it! I noticed how much easier it was to run in this locale…flat, cool temperatures…ocean breeze….AHHHH.
After breakfast, I went down to the beach to check it out. I was wearing jeans & a t-shirt. All I had with me was some water and a newspaper. I sat down and just stayed there a while…very different for me! I was feeling really relaxed and wanted to recline and since all i had was my newspaper, that’s what i used to lay on. Hilarious! It did the trick! The warm sun felt healing, the breeze was refreshing, the sounds of children playing and of faint conversations was comforting. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!
Later I stopped by Peets for an early evening coffee and then headed to friends house for the evening. It was neat to see where they lived and be in their space instead of out at a restaurant. Lots of time to just chill and visit and hang. L made a very tasty dinner w/ fish tacos(grilled halibut) with yummy guacamole, mango salsa, & cabbage. Dessert was a refreshing homemade sundae. YUM!
Sunday – I settled for coffee from a cafe across the street from hotel. Went for another run. 6.25 miles from hotel and zig zag route over to Venice Beach and back. On the return, ran much closer to the water and loved looking out at it the entire way north.
Met up with same friends for breakfast and then a final stop at Peets before I made my reluctant drive to LAX!
I needed the change of scenery. Needed the time away. Needed the balance. I’m thankful for it all.
Long post! Thx for reading. Cheers!

me & my love

me & my love