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Accountability. Where do we learn this? How do we stay focused on this? Naturally, it is a learned behavior, pretty early on in life and then practiced throughout one’s lifetime. Often times, we have someone or someones to be accountable to….our parents/guardians, teachers, friends, loves, spouses, bosses, clients, kids, etc…

I believe the person we have to be accountable to the most is our own Self. Yes, with a capital S. Why not? If you are not accountable, what are you? If you don’t hold yourself in high regard, what are you? If you are not able to be there for yourself and hold your own, what are you? We are all more capable than we can imagine. I look around the world and see people accept and live with such mediocrity, such complacency….and all I want to do is get as far away from these things as possible. My life has never and will never be about either of those things…of settling for the mediocrity of anything. And, I am the one truly accountable for this. No one else. Even if I had tons of family or kids…it would still be me. No one else lives in my shoes, thinks what I think, has to go thru my day to day things. We are all on our own. Essentially. People fill in and can be and are complimentary, but no one else is gonna do it for us. We must do it. You want something? Go get it. No one will just hand it to you. Work for it. Earn it. Enjoy the “hunt”. Of course there will be times when we all wish it was easier. I am not immune from this. But if it was easy, chances are you wouldn’t want it. These words are not for everyone. Some people are just not very internally motivated or ambitious or driven or whatever. No judgement. We are all different. But if you are someone who is aiming, who is reaching, who is going for IT….Keep Going…Keep doing your thing. Get up every day and make a little bit of progress. It’s not about hitting a grand slam every day….it’s single after single after single. You will have success, whatever that means to you, but it must be earned. Enjoy the challenge. Let it feed you. Let it lift you up. You want something? Make a stand. Show up. Be accountable. To YOU.

Listen to your body. HA!

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“listen to your body!” yeah, whatever! what the hell does that mean anyway? If i listened to my body, i would be sleeping more, training less and eating more. Careful and tricky listening skills are required when one must “listen to their body”. if you are not careful, your mind and your body will go round after round and beat each other to a bloody pulp. I feel like that is what had happened to me. For whatever reasons, my body just has not been “feelin it” lately. As I so eloquently whined and moaned about it in my last post, my body had been tired/fatigued and there are a combination of reasons why. AND, for some reason, i feel like the physical stuff has been bleeding over into my mental state and waring me down. Well, let me tell you, i got wore down!
I did 3 short runs during the week with plans to do more on weekend although I wasn’t sure how i would feel since I had to take an insurance class Thurs-Sun all day! Mid-week runs felt ok, not great. Saturday ran after class in some pretty good heat of 90 degrees + humidity. I felt ok. Pace was actually pretty good, but I knew I still had a long one waiting for me the next day. I decided to do the Sunday run after class again. Still hot, (but a bit less) + humidity. During the first mile, it felt good to be outside and moving…especially after 4 days of feeling pretty cooped up! That feeling quickly faded! 3 miles into it and i knew it just wasn’t gonna happen. Quads felt very heavy. Tight. Mentally, physically, I just felt worn out. I stopped at 4 miles and had about 4 miles left to get back to my car. I figured it was a good opportunity to just walk and maybe sort some things out in my head (as long as i would not beat myself up to much!) I REALLY DON’T LIKE WALKING! I managed to walk for 10 minutes and then i started running again at a faster pace. I basically ran and walked back the rest of the 4 miles, more running than walking. I just had to be ok with it all.
So, where is my head at? Well, while walking, i decided that i would take a whole 3 days off! (i don’t even know last time that happened) No running for 3 days. Give my legs some time to refresh and try to cut myself some slack. In the back of my mind, I feel worried about the marathon because my overall mileage is not where it should be….but I also know that I don’t want to keep running the way that I have been as of late. My body and my mind need some down time. I will still do some core work and a little weights, but that’s it. Oh, and take some dips in the pool too.
Even having said all the above, it’s not easy to take days off. Today, is ok because this is a normal “rest” day. But tomorrow, i know I will see others running and sweating along the roads with their iPods and I will be jealous. But, I am experienced enough to know that sometimes, you JUST CANNOT PUSH/CANNOT FORCE. Gotta leave it alone for a bit.

Here’s a quote that seems appropriate: ” during the hard training phase, never be afraid to take a day off. If your legs are feeling unduly stiff and sore, rest; if you are at all sluggish, rest; in fact, if in doubt, rest.” – bruce fordyce

Aug 16: 8 miles – (4 run, 4 run/walk) outside, hills
Aug 15: 4.6 miles outside, hills
Aug 13: 3.1 miles – treadmill,
Aug 12: 4 miles – outside, hills
Aug 11: 3.5 miles – treadmill