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hills, nutrition, shoes, etc..

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Mid week I did some more speed and hill work. Here’s a couple of photos of the 2 hills I have been running my hill sprint repeats. These workouts are not lengthy, but they are strenuous and I feel damn satisfied afterwards.

The first Hill (pic #1) is longer. The 2nd hill (pic #2) is shorter, steeper. I’ve been running sprint repeats of both.

Saturday I ran a short, hilly, 3 miler. Sunday, I ran a flat 4.5 miles. The heat & humidity are creeping higher. You would think after living in Atlanta for 10 years it would be a non-factor, but it is very much still a factor. Mixed in with the small amount of miles has time at the gym. Just trying to get stronger & faster.

In honor of my beloved San Francisco Giants, I wore these KSWISS shoes today that i picked up on my trip in March for LA MARATHON.

I have 3 pairs of KSWISS shoes; the ones above which are KSWISS Tubes and 2 pairs of KSWISS K-Onas – one blue pair & one red pair. I love them all. The K-Onas are very light, but still have great support. The Tubes are heavier with more cushion. I wore ASICS for years, but over the last year, I have found a new love with these shoes.

One of the things I have written about in the past is nutrition. Often times, i will decide, for different reasons, to cut certain foods from my diet. Sometimes it has been sugar, meat, alcohol, etc…Well…as it has happened over the last month, I have just been “organically” (no pun intended) reading more about nutrition and understanding more about how different foods affect my body. So, in a nutshell, I have been eating almost entirely a fresh food/vegetarian diet. I picked up this awesome book called THRIVE by Brendan Brazier, a Vegan Triathlete. Its been a very informative & compelling read. I’m enjoying learning more about what I put into my body. One of the best things about the book is that it contains a lot of very SIMPLE recipes. (if you have followed me…you know i need SIMPLE!!) My goal is not to adhere to a Vegan diet — there are certain items i am just not willing to give up…like 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee. 🙂 The main thing for me is to understand what I am eating and why and make choices that are healthy for me. I’ve been enjoying putting together the new recipes and shopping for different items. One of the most glaring things i have noticed since modifying my nutrition is the “lightness” i feel. It’s amazing how eating certain foods just make one feel ridiculously heavy! I look forward to more reading, more learning and healthy eating.

I working on a new dream…a new plan. Will announce soon.

Stay strong. Train hard. Train smart. Love and Live BIG.

take me out to the ballgame

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A good week of training last week. Cooler temps helped.

Buddy Jeff and I went to Atlanta Braves game vs. San Diego last Thursday. I had FREE tix. Awesome seats, 6 rows up from HOME PLATE. (would have been better if they were playing SF GIANTS, but hey, I’ll take it!) We also sat in 755 club and enjoyed some good pizza and watched the rain come down. Was actually very pretty watching the t-storm fall on the green infield and throughout the near empty stadium. Game was only delayed 30 minutes. Sitting so close was amazing. Being able to see the speed of the pitches, watching the players and all their idiosyncrasies (david eckstein) was VERY COOL. When sitting that close, I really got into watching some of the strategy involved. You don’t really see all the hand signals, player movements, etc when you are far away or on TV. Pretty Neat. Another highlight of the game was watching the group of 4 seated in front of us; mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and newborn baby; she was probably not more than 1 month old. let me tell you, Grandpa DID NOT LET THAT KID OUT OF HIS ARMS! It was very tender and touching to watch this big older man, in the latter stages of his life, holding onto and absolutely adoring this new life! It reminded me that older people really do look different than anyone else when they are watching or holding a new baby. Perhaps that is partly because they are on such opposite sides of life and in that little being they are not only able to reflect on their own life, but also marvel at what is in store for the little one. Maybe they are amazed that they were once THAT TINY, THAT YOUNG. There was absolute joy on grandpa’s face and I wish I would have captured it on film…there was a love affair happening of the best kind. The little girl could not have been more delicate, more beautiful. Caught her smiling a coupla of times and was hooked. All in all a great evening, relaxed and had fun with jeff.

Aug 30: am run: 13 miles outside, many HILLS, pm run: 2.5 miles treadmill

Aug 29: 5.10 miles, outside

Aug 27: 3.25 miles, treadmill

Aug 26: 3.75 miles, outside

Aug 25: 4 miles, outside

Weekly Total = 31.60

the “freak” is back….oh yeah! Way to go Timmy!

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Significant night as S.F. throttles L.A.
Tim Lincecum struck out eight in seven-plus innings. He lost his bid for a shutout in the eighth. (Jeff Chiu / AP)
Tim Lincecum struck out eight in seven-plus innings. He l... (Jeff Chiu / AP)
Nice win against the “mighty” Dodgers.