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Posted in photos, random with tags , , , on November 26, 2010 by afuntanilla

just some random things you may or may not know about me that I that i wanted to share.

-the first coffee drink i got turned on to was a Mocha. i drank Mochas sporadically in 1988. It wasn’t until mid-late 1989 that i started drinking regular coffee. now, i can’t remember the last time I had a Mocha.

-the only “condiment” in my fridge is salad dressing (which i don’t even use). haven’t bought a jar of mayonnaise or mustard in years. don’t use either.

-i like to go out and just shoot some hoops by myself. it’s very calming, invigorating, fun, and challenging. in my dreams, i was a star point guard shelling out lots of assists and nailing 3 pointers.

-i love that i know a few small business owners in my area. i like to go visit them at their jobs and of course, do business with them.

-i like reading right before i go to bed. what’s weird is that i like to read crime novels right before going to sleep.

-i also do the crossword before going to sleep. crossword puzzle, then read.

-i only use raw sugar in my coffee and i get super bugged when coffee shops only carry the raw sugar in a big container, not little packets. the sugar in the big container NEVER COMES OUT.

-i abhor spending money to park my car anywhere. i feel this is one of the biggest ripoffs ever.

-sometimes i wish i could find my father. sometimes i wonder why he didn’t find me

-i’m not sure what to believe about the death penalty

p.s. the picture was taken today. i bought a basketball and went to shoot some hoops.