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Giving a Mile

Posted in motivation, random with tags , , on December 21, 2011 by afuntanilla

One day last week, I found myself out of my normal coming home routine. My errands after work took me in a different direction and I ended up coming home from the opposite direction I usually do. And it was now dark. I was tired and ready to go home.

I was backed up at a stoplight and to my left, I noticed a young woman and little girl. They were attempting to cross the street, not at the cross walk, but in the middle. I was just watching them and hoping they would make it ok. THe young woman was carrying about 3 bags of groceries, plus a suitcase and she had her little girl. I kept watching and they made it across the street to the nearby bus stop, which i figured that was where they were headed. All within a matter of 1-3 minutes, I watched her and wondered what her life was like and where she was going. I thought, “maybe i should offer her a ride. no, don’t. that’s kinda weird. Is it? No, offer her a ride. What’s gonna happen? She doesn’t look like a killer.”

As they were at the bus stop, my car line began to move and i quickly turned into the nearest driveway. I hopped out and said,
“hey, how far you going?”
Her reply: “just down to the InTown Motel”
“ok, i know where that is. Can i give you a lift? Looks like you got a lot going on there.”
Smiling, she said, “yeah, thanks. We just missed the bus.”

I put the groceries in the trunk and her and little girl (almost 3 yrs old) got into front seat. I asked the little girl if she was ready for Christmas and Santa. Smiling big, she said, ‘yes.”

About a mile or so up the road, I pulled into the Motel and noticed the sign that says, “$149 per week.” Made me think even more about her life and such. A young gal and her tot just coming back “home” with hands full of groceries….

They got out of the car and thanked me.

***I don’t share this story for virtual “pats on the back”. I share this story because I hope to inspire and motivate all of us to notice. To notice the other people around us. We all get so consumed by our own lives…not a bad thing and we all do it. Part of being human. But, there are so many opportunities out there that if we noticed, we could make a big difference doing a small thing. Would it have been a big deal for her to wait for the bus and ride bus a mile down the road? No. But, it was the fact that I noticed and cared enough about another human being. Whether someone is struggling or not, it’s always such a wonderful thing for someone to SEE YOU and to CARE. I think we can all do more. be more. to our fellow human beings.

inching along…

Posted in bike, road with tags , , , , on April 27, 2009 by afuntanilla

The weather this weekend in Atlanta could not have been more stunningly perfect! About 80-85 both saturday & sunday. no humidity. clear, blue skies. HEAVENLY! AHHHHHH!!! 

I really wanted to go see 2 movies this weekend, but the weather changed my mind. I just could not be enticed to be inside to watch a film, no matter how much i want to see the films. They will just have to wait. 

After dining out tonight, i drove home very leisurely. I love to drive slowly thru beautiful neighborhoods on Sunday evenings. My car windows are rolled down and the sun is about 1 hour away from setting. It’s all quiet on the streets and i feel serene & thoughtful. The trees are getting very full & green, making the scenery all the more beautiful. AHHHH…..a nice way to end the weekend.

Saturday, got out for a good, slow 6 miler. Ran through my old neighborhood. My current neighborhood is not very conducive to running and so I prefer to start and finish other places. My old neighborhood is a great place to run. Finished up about half mile from where i parked so that i could just walk a bit. Ended up talking to a couple who were out walking their pup. Always cool to strike up conversations with strangers. 

Sunday got up and drove over to Silver Comet Trail. had just planned on biking, but was so amped up, I ran too! I was glad to get out there and away from city streets. I feel like i am getting stronger, overall, which is a good feeling. 

April 26: 16.55 mile BIKE, 1 hr 3 min; 2 mile RUN, 18:47 = 8:53 pace

April 25: 6.2 mile RUN, 1 hr 3 min = 10:09 pace

April 23: 5 miles BIKE-INDOOR, 17:10; 2.1 mile RUN-TREADMILL, 18:05, 8:37 pace

April 22: 10 mile BIKE – approx 37 min

I’m glad the race is coming soon. I wanna get out there!