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Update #3 & a re-figuring of the weekend

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Lots of temptations this week: cinco de mayo – went out for mexican. Had neither chips nor margarita. Ohhh-tough! 
Yesterday at work, there was cake for a retiring co-worker. Today, at the movies, I walked right on passed the concession stand where the aroma of freshly cooked popcorn filled the air. More toughness called for on my part. I’m proud I have resisted all the temptations come my way. I have noticed that it’s been much easier to abstain from the alcohol versus the junk. Interesting.

Some of the other things I have noticed since my little experiment began; dining bills are less! Without alcohol, my bill goes down anywhere from 6-10 bucks. Nice! 
I don’t know I have lost any weight, but I feel lighter. What I am most happy about is that I have not substituted anything to replace the things I am abstaining from! I’ve also noticed the frequency of the cravings(sugar, mostly) and realizing that for the most part, I have fulfilled that craving as way of comfort. When I think of truly nourishing my body, obviously, all the junk food and such does not come into the picture. What I chose to spend money on and place into my body ought to be beautiful and nourishing. Too often, I have looked past what it is and thus eat without a lot of consciousness. I think most of us do. However, I am not saying I will never eat junk food again or drink alcohol; I just feel this has been a wake up call to me to be more conscious. Next time I have a drink, I want it to be in celebration of something, of life. Isn’t that what Bacchus was all about? I don’t want to drink just to drink. I will want to enjoy a delicious red wine with a beautiful meal or raise a glass of champagne for some celebratory event, even if that event is a celebration of a day well lived. All about consciousness. And my next junk food? Well, let’s say that my craving is a yummy, choc chip cookie. And whenever that time comes, I will dip it in some cold milk and enjoy every sweet, buttery taste! For now, I am on DAY 8 and i’ll just keep with it.

In other news, the DUATHLON I was planning on participating in this Saturday has been cancelled and re-scheduled for August. “Due to weather conditions”. Apparently, they don’t want to hold the event with the threat of Thunder Storms on Saturday. I’m bummed about it as i have REALLY been looking forward to the event….but, I will find something else to do as a way to challenge myself & have fun. August?! Sure will be great weather in Atlanta in August. Sheesh!

May 6: 3 miles – easy on treadmill

May 5: 2.15 miles – easy outside w/ hills

May 4: 9 mile bike ride

update #2, holding my own in more ways than one

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Today marks the 4th day of my “detox” and i am hanging tough. I definitely put myself in another tempting situation tonite, but more on that later.

This morning, I ran the Big Peach 5k in Brookhaven. I woke up at 7am and DID NOT want to get up. I was tired and wanted to keep sleeping in my quiet, warm, space. I definitely could’ve slept for 2 more hours. But, I got my butt up, made coffee, ate 1/2 a clif bar and was out the door. I made it to the starting line of the race with literally about 1 minute to spare! I was excited to be there with all the fellow runners; everyone all ready to go on a cool atlanta morning. it had rained last night and the streets were still a bit wet. perfect weather. I ran this race once before about 3 years ago and the course is different. it was basically a square route instead of going thru the brookhaven streets/neighborhood. First mile was fast at 7:57. I knew it was too fast, but oh well. it had just a slight uphill and then a flat stretch. Mile 2 was first downhill, then uphill. Both slopes were moderate. I was affected by the uphill portion which continued into mile 3. Mile 2 pace was 8:28. The first part of mile 3 was the last stretch of uphill and then flat on Peachtree to the finish line. Mile 3 was 8:32 pace. FINISH TIME: 25:54 = 8:16 pace (my garmin had me at 3.14 miles, so not sure what the exact time/pace was…but close enough. I was very happy with this result. Fastest 5k i have run in years! I felt like i could have pushed a bit harder, but i just gotta let it go and focus on the next one. it’s funny how quick these races go! lots of people out which was great to see. All money raised went for Leukemia & Lymphona Society. Post race t-shirt and goodies are some of the best; got a Nike Dry-Fit shirt and the food: bagels, muffins, Vitamin Water, Starbucks coffee, pizza, bananas, apples were all available. Why is it that this kind of spread is never available after marathons? That’s when we could really use all the food. Regardless, i love all the free stuff!! 

Next week at the duathlon, i assure you i will not be running this pace. Will need to conserve some energy for the bike and last little run. 

Regarding my detox, yesterday was good, no real temptations. Tonight, however, was a different story. I went out to one of my favorite places to get something good to eat and a place I would typically order a Cosmo or glass of red wine. I had neither. Dinner was good and healthy. I will say this; whenever i decide to end this detox, i am gonna really look forward to a kick ass dessert! Until then…I’m staying “clean”.