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bike learning curve and etc…

Posted in bike, random, road with tags , , , , , , on April 22, 2009 by afuntanilla

haven’t been feeling my best lately. i’m not sure what it has been. just a combination of things, i guess. last week, i experienced 2 days of major frustration with trying to put a new tube in my bike tire for first time. then, more frustration as i bought a new bike saddle and tried to put it on myself. of course, the guys at bike shop tell you it’s easy. let me assure you, it’s not…especially if you have not done it before and are not the put-it-together kind of person. I, am not that kind of person. i don’t like to buy stuff i have to “assemble”. i don’t enjoy it. it’s not fun for me. all i get is frustrated. However, the guys at bike shop sold me on the “easy to do” idea and i tried. And all i got was an evening of frustration. i went back to the bike shop and even the fellas had tough times both changing my tube and putting on my bike seat. let me tell you, if i have to change my tube from a flat during a race, i am gonna be in a world of hurt. The tire is too freaking tight. 2 bike shop guys even had major problems completing the task! Sheesh! FINALLY, this was all done and i got on my bike. New saddle seems much better than my other one. I’ll keep trying it out. 

REI has a bike maintenance clinic for free. Maybe i should check it out. 

Saturday, after my ride, i went for a much needed massage. Hadn’t had one in about 4 months. Sometimes when i go for long periods without one, my body doesn’t respond to well afterwards, and this happened again. I guess my body just gets out of whack with all the muscle movement and lactic acid build up and release. Unfortunately, i felt totally out of whack when i tried to run on Sunday. I managed 2 measly miles and then walked another 2. I feel much better now. I know that when i get regular massage my body is able to adjust better, but of course, that requires more money. we’ll see. 

On a more positive note, was totally excited and inspired to follow and read about Boston marathon stories. Pretty awesome. A shout out to JOSH who had a great finish time of 3:21!! You rock, JOSH!!!!!

I gotta get more time in on the BIKE! Maybe even tomorrow if weather is good.

p.s. I can do a lot of things; just don’t ask me to assemble something for you or anything like that. man, i really don’t like to do that stuff!!


April 21: 4 miles, 36:54; 9:13 pace – treadmill w/ incline intervals

April 19: 2 mile run, 2 mile walk

April 18: 10 mile bike, 39:21

April 16: 4 miles, 36:32, 9:08 pace – outside

April 14: 3 miles, 26:47, 8:56 pace – treadmill