Pre-Race Comments

It’s hard to believe the North Face 50 Miler i was supposed to run was just a month ago! This time in between has been a whirlwind of a ton of stress and not a lot of running….not as much as i would have hoped or what I would feel more comfortable with. Before North Face, i was completely consumed with running and after the cancellation of the event, i could feel, mentally, that something had shifted for me. I don’t feel the intensity or the same level of enthusiasm as i had been feeling before. On the plus side, i don’t feel the anxiety either. It would be sooo easy for me to freak out about it and get myself all riled up, but i think i have just taken a different approach. i have run as much as i could this past month. Work has been my primary focus, so much so that i have had trouble sleeping many nights these past few weeks. Physically, I am where I am, and it is ok and it will be good enough. Maybe it has been a good thing that the training/mental intensity has lessened…perhaps it will allow me to go out and really enjoy it and relax. 

It will be a tough 50k. No doubt about it. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish. 7 hours? I’m just gonna be glad to get out there and finally participate with others for a common goal; to finish. I’m gonna be glad to get out there and see what my body, mind, and spirit are capable of…that’s what its all about..the challenge of self and where the road leads you in the process…what discoveries we find out there…and lastly, i will be psyched to get out there and get away from the madness of the world. 

Right now I am sitting on my bed at the La Quinta Inn in Chattanooga. Can you believe this place has FREE wi-fi throughout the hotel? Even some super nice hotels don’t have access and/or free access. GO LA QUINTA. AND, the room/bed is very nice. Had a good dinner at a place called THE BOATHOUSE, overlooking the wide Tennessee River. Very pretty, especially as the sun was making its way west.

cheers and thanks for reading, commenting and supporting!

Go Live Your Dream!

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  1. Have a great race and congratulations on the new attitude. Enjoy everything you experience tomorrow! 🙂

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