Race and Thanks.

Had a solid race. Finish time: 2:03; very pleased. I beat my goal of 2:05. I pushed pretty hard the entire 2nd half which was a long gradual uphill. The most participants of any previous race. Over 10k. Lots of spectators too! I made a good breakfast when i returned home and am now just chillin’. GOBBLE GOBBLE All!

Things I am thankful for today and everyday:

-fleece clothing

-coffee, cream & sugar 

-the ability to smell roses

-the ability to see the moon and stars

-the ability to taste incredible flavors

-the ability to hear beautiful sounds

-good hugs from good friends

-my heart pumping & my brain functioning

-my blackberry

-money for a massage

-a good red wine, good cosmopolitan, & a good margarita ( thou not all at once)

-sunday football

-a friend who listens

-my clients…and listening to their stories

-people who help me remember to be more forgiving, more compassionate with myself & others

-all my body parts 

-my memory

-people who inspire me

-people who challenge me & give me pause

-the clothes on my back

-my freedom.

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