posting from the Bluegrass state…

Yesterday, woke up a little later than I wanted to this morning and by the time I was ready to run, it was 87 pecent humidity. Not a difficult decision: treadmill. One of the good things about the 40th birthday run is that it will be 90% flat (most likely) — therefore some treadmill training is fine. Another benefit from being on the apparatus was watching almost the entire French Opens Womens Final. Since I had not heard of the 2 women, Schiavone & Stosur, I thought I would not have much interest. Boy, was I WRONG!! They captivated me with their athleticism & strength. And how could you not be engaged with the passion displayed by Schiavone?!!! I loved watching her get pissed off, become energized, jump up and down and climb her way into the stands to be with her fellow Italians. Classic. Beautiful. Inspiring. If you have followed me for a while, you know I love watching Tennis, especially the Grand Slam events.

Unfortunately, my favorite on the Mens side, Federer, fell short this time. He lost earlier in the week to Soderling who will meet Nadal in tomorrow final. Soderling’s record vs Federer prior to this weeks win was 12-0! . That just goes to show us once again, it does not matter what the odds against you may be…there is always that 1 day, that 1 chance, for it to be your time. And it was, for Soderling. Hoping to see Federer come back strong at Wimbledon.

As for me and my running…going along just fine. Slowly ramping up. I think I will look into some short races to run this summer, mostly to mix up the training.  I’ve received such great support and feedback on my 40 mile plan and I thank all who have commented and who support me. I’m pretty excited about it…there will be a lot to plan in the coming months and I know the time will be here before I know it.

Just to be clear and perhaps repetitive, anyone who wants to come and run with me is welcome to join in at any time!! I’m sure I’ll be walking some, so please don’t think you need to be a runner to come out. After the run is over, I plan to have a celebration party/fiesta!!!

This morning, I went out to run at 7:30am…greeted with 75 degrees and 90 percent humidity. Had lots of hills, up & down, for 6.10 miles. Then, I got in the 328i and drove to Lexington, KY. Final destination is tomorrow in Cincinnati. Next post will explain why…

In the morning, I plan to get a run in through these Kentucky streets and thereby knock another state off of those where i have either raced or run.

Cheers to all! Stay strong. Stay inspired.

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