Some of what I love about running is simply noticing the people out exercising while I am out too. Yesterday, I began my run at the Silver Comet Trail at 8am. Parking lots already packed with vehicles and lots of people milling about and getting ready for their training; cyclists pumping their tires, putting their wheels on bike, runners stretching and filling their water bottles….

I began my run and within the first mile, I recognized a woman who was walking in front of me. I recognized her because whenever I have seen her, she always wears the same thing; long blue pants, white top, and a funky looking hat…like one of those hats you see people wearing who are on safari. The previous times I have seen her, I have been running in the opposite direction and when I am close to her, she always smiles and says hello. As I ran by her, I said “HI” (she’s also always wears very dark sunglasses) I just dig her. She’s just out walking…humming along and saying hello.

A lot of runners were running in the opposite direction and many of them said hello to me. I wave or smile, i usually don’t say hello. I do my best to acknowledge other runners, no matter if they say hello or not. I saw a pretty heavy fella running along. He was listening to music and looked like he was struggling; came across 2 young gals who had stopped and taken a quick rest at 7 mile marker to down some gels and then they kept going; got passed by a petite gal who looked about as fit as can be and she was just zooming by, effortlessly, it seemed. At one point, a heavier woman was running in front of me, pretty slowly and someone, perhaps a husband, was riding bike behind her. She wore a marathon t-shirt. She was moving at a slow pace, but she was moving and he was there to support her. I saw them again on my return portion and he was running beside her.

Solo runners. Runners with friends. Runners with partners. People running fast. People running slow. People walking. Everyone out there just finding their own pace, their own rhythm, their own place. I absolutely love and get inspired by it all.

Over these last 3 days, I have run 28 miles. Making a final push and then taper for Half Moon Bay Marathon. It will be my own challenge.

To all who are out there….keep doing your thing. keep at it. keep finding your pace.

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