Sometimes, the underdog rises up and becomes the top Dawg of the night. Sometimes, the team that everyone repeatedly picks on and wants to toss aside comes up big in Prime Time. Sometimes, when you know deep down your team has played horrible in the past, you just hope that they don’t embarass themselves on national tv and make your night a sickly and depressing one. Sometimes, the little team that couldn’t is the team that DID!

The cleveland browns who were 1-3 on the season played againts the defending super bowl champs, NY Giants, who were 4-0. By every statistic, browns should have lost. But, they didn’t. They looked better and played better than they have all season and looked like the team from last year that made us all excited for THIS year. They handily BEAT the NY GIANTS. The Browns faced the #1 offense and shut them down. What a great game. What a pleasure to watch. How proud I am of the team that showed what they have… And this is why, for about 28 years, I have NEVER, EVER, given up on my team!!!

3 Responses to “BELIEVELAND”

  1. YAY Team!

  2. afuntanilla Says:


  3. i know i was sooo very happy.

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