one year later and so on…

The JFK 50 Mile race was today. Last year, I ran it and failed to finish my first 50 Miler. I missed the cut off time at mile marker 34.4 and could not continue on the trail, officially. I thought about the people who would be out there today while I did a 5 miler in my neighborhood. My feet ran over and crunched on sidewalks filled with leaves; i remember the Appalachian Trail during last years race was not even visible in many area due to the same sort of leaves all over the place. Wonderful. Beautiful. Tricky and required constant monitoring of my steps. A year later, I am still sore about my DNF. The soreness won’t go away until I finish a 50. I know I can. I just gotta pick one and go for it again. 

“Success is maintaining your enthusiasm between failures” – Winston Churchill

Yesterday was my grandma’s birthday. I called her Grams while she was alive. She was pretty nutty and a little eccentric, especially if she had been drinking. She would start to dance around a little bit and utter things that made absolutely no sense at all, like “that’s a BA BA”. And she would just hum and sip her drink. And hum some more. Sometimes on Thanksgiving we would have eggnog and E&J Brandy. I miss that. I miss her and her nuttiness. And her damn good cookin’

Happy Birthday Grams. That’s a BA BA!!

“Death twitches my ear. ‘LIVE”, he says, “I am coming.” – Virgil

One Response to “one year later and so on…”

  1. Ah, a 50 miler. The “courage to start” quote comes to mind here. I’m thinking I’ll go for 30 first. 🙂

    Grams are good people, and leave good memories only they can.

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