The misfit team that made it happen…

They are a team of self proclaimed “misfits & outcasts”. They are not the team that was expected to even win the NL wild card, let alone be in the freaking World Series. They are a line-up that doesn’t scare any pitcher. The last time the team won the World Series, they were the NY Giants (1954). They are the one and only San Francisco Giants.

A few more tidbits for you:

1) Right Fielder Cody Ross was picked up off waivers from Florida in August. He went on to win the MVP award during the NLCS.

2) Left Fielder Pat Burrell was picked after being released from Tampa Bay. He has been a crucial part of the offense.

(what is it about FL teams that let ’em go? who cares? THANKS!)

3) The team ERA led all of baseball in ERA during the season

4) ERA against the Atlanta Braves/Philadelphia Phillies was 2.47

5) Manager Bruce Bochy made the gutsy call to leave Barry Zito off all of the post-season rosters, including the World Series. Zito is signed to the Giants biggest contract at $126 million. Bochy plays the players who make it happen and unfortunately for Zito, he has struggled too much to be included on the roster.

Quotes from players:

Brian Wilson: “Not one single guy on team is a stud. We’ve got 25 guys dressing up and being a different hero each night.”

Cody Ross: “I checked into a hotel a few months ago and nobody asked for my autograph. I checked into a hotel a couple of days ago, the same hotel, and everyone’s asking for it…i embrace it. I enjoy it and I love it.”

Back in late march, i made a prediction via twitter that the giants would win the NL West. I did not even think beyond that…i just didn’t. Do I think they can win the World Series. Why not? They have great pitching, great defense, and clutch timely hitting. It’s not about who is a better team. Winning in the playoffs and World Series is about what team is playing better RIGHT NOW. They will have their hands full with The Rangers.

I’m thrilled for the Rangers who have never been to the post-season. It’s so great to see these no-name type teams get the attention they so deserve. Looking at the pictures from media day…these guys are BEAMING…like little kids. So excited. I hope they all have fun, enjoy the spotlight and soak it all in. Who knows when this opportunity will arise again. Good Luck to my beloved SF GIANTS.

One Response to “The misfit team that made it happen…”

  1. Did you know that Huff is a hero for a little boy here in TX? Pretty amazing story about Huff reached out to a child with cancer and changed his world. Notice the bracelets the players wear. 😉

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