Putting pen to paper

If you know anything about me, you know I am very goal-oriented. Not just with running. To me, Goals are super important to have. Without them, I am lost, depressed, feel like my self-worth goes down. That’s me. I don’t know what it is for you or the next person. But, what I do know is that having goals helps me feel ALIVE, Energetic and brings me focus. I also have fun with it. I like to set goals as a challenge…to see if i can achieve the thing or not. I continually have to work on “letting go” of the outcome though. It’s one to have a goal…it’s another thing to be so tied to it and so obsessed with it that nothing less than pure attainment will satisfy your soul. I don’t think that’s healthy. To me, I like to set a goal, prepare, give it all I have and see what the outcome is. Then, evaluate. Obviously, it’s not always that easy or “clean-cut”, but i think you get the picture.

I’ve had goals my entire life and i can’t imagine not having them as the days and years move on. It’s part of my make-up.

I think there’s a huge advantage to writing them down versus just having them in your head. Writing them down keeps a person more focused and more accountable. I listened to something today that provided me with some stuff to think about. Perhaps, it will get you thinking too.

Step 1: What 3 things in the last year has made you most proud?

Step 2: List at least 7 things that are on your 5 year wish list. (what you want to have or have accomplished in 5 yrs)

Step 3: Identify 3 things on that list you think you can accomplish within the next 12 months

Step 4: Identify 1 thing on the list that you feel will be life changing. Why?

I hope this gives you food for thought. I hope this gives you pause. I hope you might feel a little bit inspired.

Taste Life! Dream Big!

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